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A drinking bowl for chickens is the idea of ​​business!

Water is a natural component and the main element in the diet of not only humans, but also birds. Benign water is a condition for poultry health, as well as obtaining high productivity. Therefore, for any farmer, the question of the proper “water supply” of their pets is never secondary. Convenience in this case is quite an appropriate characteristic of the process of “drinking” the bird. Such convenience is provided by drinking bowls for birds. Drinkers for chickens – the invention is not new or unique. But, despite this, the demand for drinking water is quite high. Therefore, the drinking bowl for chickens is a wonderful and quickly recouped business idea, which will be discussed below.

Actually, the whole business idea is based on the creation and distribution of drinkers. They are used for continuous water supply. At the same time, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to control its expenditure. So, when using, for example, a siphon drinker, the problem is immediately eliminated when pouring water on the floor – the birds are dry, and this eliminates the mortality of young animals due to hypothermia. The main advantage of the whole drinking system is the reliability, avoidance of leakage, and drying.

Types of drinking bowls and their benefits

One type of drinking system is a siphon drinker for chickens with automatic water supply for young and adult birds. The drinking bowl consists of a glass and a pallet. It is able to save water consumption. What is important, the simultaneous placement around it can reach up to 12 adult birds. Also in such a system it is possible to use various water-soluble vitamin supplements.

Another drinker is characterized by water supply by vacuum. The drinking bowl consists of the same materials as the siphon, about 8-10 birds can be placed near it. Water-soluble vitamin supplements can be used. There is also a pendant automatic system for chickens, broilers and layers. The system is also constructed from a glass and a pallet to it, the economical water flow is taken into account. Simultaneous accommodation of up to 16 adult birds. Various water-soluble vitamin supplements are possible.

According to the recommendations of most farmers and connoisseurs, a nipple drinker with a drop catcher is in high demand. It has an easy design and a number of advantages: durability – will last for 7 years, and even more (when replacing the pusher, it can serve as much as the same), reliability – special materials, including high-strength plastic and stainless steel, Finally, – going easy and quick.

Drinkers for chickens own hands

How to make drinking bottles for chickens of different age groups without problems? Nothing complicated in this. This way our grandmothers have been using for a long time. But the downside is that for large farms such drinkers are uncomfortable and require more attention. In order to make a drinking bowl for the chickens, the cans or buckets with a volume of 7-11 liters will suit themselves. They can serve as drinkers for chickens and turkeys. Most often, they are placed on supports in a height of 60 cm and a thickness of 2 cm. Their legs are made with special bars, which have a section of 5×5 cm. Using a stand around the drinker, a platform is created, and a bird jumps on it. All geese and small ducklings can be watered from ordinary wooden troughs.

How to make a drinking bowl for chickens?

Create a drinking bowl with your own hands for a bird that has not yet reached even 10 days of age is no problems. The most elementary drinker contains two parts: the tank itself for water from metal, and also a basin-pallet. In this tank, a hole is created that is 1 cm in size, water flows through it and drains slowly into the basin when consumed. Drinkers create better from a special sheet galvanized iron, while very carefully solder the seams. A drinking bowl for chickens can also be equipped with special electric heating without problems. To do this, you need to place a special electric heating water on the water for 20 watts. The electric heater itself looks like a test-tube, it has a length of 12-15 cm, into which a spiral is subsequently inserted. To the ends of this spiral soldered special insulated cord with a plug for connection to the mains (if you had or have an aquarium, then these heaters are used for aquarium fish). It is worth noting that the water needs to be heated to the desired temperature.

If you decide to build a business on the implementation and creation of drinking bowls, you should remember several factors: a large contingent – a lot of customers for the purchase of drinking bowls for chickens, turkeys and other birds. It is important to make different sizes of drinkers to reach a larger audience. It is necessary to take into account the wishes of the client and make drinkers as compact and varied as possible. On average, this business pays off in a few months at low cost. The main thing is to give the consumer more variety. This is exactly what the quality of your drinkers will be an advantage over competitors.

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