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Antenna Installation Business – How to Start Your Business

Installing antennas in your city Here are a few reasons why installing TV antennas is beneficial for the consumer. The first – watching good movies at home – it's cheaper and more comfortable than going to the cinema. Naturally, the impressions are not quite the same, but do not forget that there are people who do not really like public places and similar events. In addition, there is unfortunately not a cinema in many places today.

The second reason is that the subscriber pays for the installation of the antenna once, unlike cable television, which is paid every month, unlike trips to places of entertainment. [19659003] The next reason – the choice of TV shows to your liking. Today, the information offered to us by our TV crew is completely filled with negative, hopelessness and sham shows. You can refuse this by choosing that channel and the program, which is pleasant and useful to watch. To do this, it is enough to establish a single antenna for yourself.

If you decide to install antennas, you need to familiarize yourself with the manufacturers and tuning of these antennas. All the rest is easier than simple. Practically after the first installation you will become a professional in your business. You can install the antennas yourself, and you can hire one or two assistants who will go to the necessary address to install the antenna installations.

There are several television options – satellite and terrestrial. The essence of satellite television is the reception of a signal from an artificial Earth satellite. It appeared for the first time in America about 30 years ago. In Russia for the first time talked about satellite television in the spring of 1991 (and it's not strange, taking into account the political situation). The advantages of satellite television are the low level of interference, the broadest choice of TV channels, the ease of tuning, the ability to watch TV everywhere – in the country, at work, in the apartment. Do not save on safety – if the installation of the antenna passes on the upper floors or in a remote location – hire a lift. The client will pay you these expenses, and human lives will be safe. Do not install and install during rain. Do not forget that the installation of antennas requires physical preparation.

Ether television is the broadcasting of channels transmitted by a local TV tower. Antennas installation today This variant is less common and less expensive, but it is also being met by demand in our time .

Please note that installation of antennas will be particularly popular in provincial towns and villages. It is there where access to high-quality television is limited or nonexistent

If you are interested in the idea of ​​just getting your honestly earned money, then everything is just in your hands!

The idea is competitive, relevant and quite profitable, practically does not require investments – you need to paste advertisements, advertise in local newspapers and the Internet, purchase an instrument. If necessary, pay% to your employee, if you still decide to work not alone. And the purchase of equipment can be made for money paid by the customer as a prepayment.

Estimated costs

The installation of satellite dishes is easy enough, but at the same time profitable business. The entrance threshold is very low, the competition is high, but the demand is constant. Thanks to this, the installation and configuration wizard will never be left without orders.

The specifics of the business relieves the entrepreneur from the need to rent the premises. However, on the other hand, work at the customer involves the delivery of equipment, so it determines the need for a car. The cost of transport can be about 500 000 rubles (freight model). Also as monthly expenses will be fuel purchase and repairs – about 10 000 rubles.

The following equipment and inventory is necessary for installation of antennas:

    – perforator – 10 000 rubles;
    – drill – 5 000 rubles;
    – Screwdriver – 5 000 rubles;
    – sliding staircase – 5 000 rubles;
    – safety equipment – 10 000 rubles;
    – overalls – 5 000 rubles;
    – hand tools (keys, screwdrivers, hammers, cutters, etc.) – 5 000 rubles.

In total, the equipment will cost about 45 000 rubles.

When executed and works in the amount of the order includes the cost of the antenna, subscription fee for connection, as well as the cost of fasteners. The cost of installation works on average is 2,000 rubles. Since 1 master can install up to 2 antennas a day, the maximum possible profit for a month at 100% utilization is 110,000 rubles. In reality, the master on average performs orders once every 1-2 days, which brings profit of 35-40 thousand rubles and pays for the whole business within a year.

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