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The Best 3D Printers Business Today | 3D Printers | New job ideas

There are more than 1000 models of 3D printers on the market today.

Many factors such as print quality, material quality, reliability, error margin, customer service, price and software

What is the most suitable 3D printer for you

If you want to come along, let’s examine the most preferred 3D printer today

3D Printers for Small Businesses

Such printers are consumer focused. They can produce quality parts and are ideal especially for designers and small companies.

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker is one of the most experienced companies in the 3D printer industry. Ultimaker, believed to be the most reliable printer on the market, has produced the ideal printer for small businesses with its 2+ model. The Netherlands-based company has recently launched the Ultimaker 3 on the market.

This white box printer has a PT100 printer head and an advanced cartridge. This printer, which also has a sprayer head in different sizes, can fill 24 millimeters cubic feet per second with a 0.8 millimeter head.

The fan system is optimized for air flow and cooling and is constantly being improved by user comments and recommendations. So Ultimaker company places great importance on user experience.

The only disinfection of this device is that it has a single spray tip and a high price

The market price of this printer is $ 2,500

Form 2

Formlabs has a lot of credit in the field of this 3-dimensional resin based resin produced by Formlabs.

Formlabs company has developed its own orange color metallic printer with the previous model Form 1 + . The self-heating resin reservoir remains at a constant temperature, helping to make the products an example and adjusting the production speed to the efficiency principle.

This Wi-fi compliant printer has a touch-sensitive interface. Many of the users say that the device has a 99% successful output. It should also be noted that this printer is a fixed cost because of the special resin sold at a price of $ 150.

The printer, where 96% of users are satisfied, has a price tag of $ 3,500. It is a device that will not leave the owner half way though it is quite expensive in price.

Zortrax M200

Produced by the Polish company Zortrax, this printer is one of the notable products of the 3D printer sector. The company, funded heavily by the Kickstarter campaign in 2013, did not make the face of people who trust themselves with the M200 model.

It’s easy to set up a printer made from solid aluminum. The calibration process is very short. Utilizing polymer grades of HIPS, ULTRAT and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), this printer is a printer that takes high marks in terms of output quality, reliability and price-performance. So Zortrax, even for this small company, did not compromise on its high quality understanding.

However, Zortrax’s ecosystem is relatively limited. So there is not enough third-party product range to modify the product. The users, though, comment that they have made improvements and improvements to the company’s user comments. There is no heat control on this model. This makes it a bit difficult to experiment with different materials. In addition, the company does not demand that the company develops in terms of wi-fi connectivity, customer service, and even double jetting.

Nevertheless, Zortrax users have not found that this device produces almost no failed output. This flagship flagship of its category is sold for 1800 dolls and all the accessories needed in the box are also available.

3-D Printers for Professionals

Printers in this category are much more for large businesses that deal with just that. Therefore, their features and prices are accordingly:

Makergear M2

Manufactured in Makergear, USA, this printer was introduced to the market in 2012 and is now on sale as the fifth generation.

M2 is a very solid printer with steel frame and aluminum construction. PLA, ABS, nylon, polycarbonate and other materials can be printed using the printer, because it is open source allows users to make improvements.

The M2, which is called a full price-performance printer by users because of its reliability and ease of maintenance, is a little louder because it has an open chassis

93% of users M2, which is pleased with the ratio, is a stone-like printer that can output continuously for both professionals and those who make this work as a hobby. The price is around $ 2000.

LulzBot TAZ 6

LulzBot, the 6th generation of the TAZ series produced by Aleph Objects

The printer, which is rated high in terms of quality and stability, is called “tank” by users

Thanks to the leveling and self- cleaning mechanisms the easy-to-use 3-D printer is also large with dimensions of 28x28x25 cm.

Users are highly satisfied with the company’s experience and after-sales support, and the TAZ 6 is capable of handling many kinds of materials such as tanks,

This printer, with a price of $ 2500, has been sold separately at the request of its users.

With Ebit being able to be developed and the owner not being halfway down, everyone, including professionals, a device that you can love.

BCN3D Sigma

Barcelona-based BCN3D’s popular 3d printer Sigma is a popular model in the desktop printer category. Sigma has a 21x30x21 centimeter frame and a solid aluminum body. Sigma, which processes different materials at the same time, also allows output with two different colors.

However, you may not want to put Sigma, which is a bit noisy, next to the computer. Sigma’s exterior is also quite large. For this reason, too much space may be a problem. However, they are still a very successful 3D printer in terms of output quality and stability. The price is also around $ 3000.

FlashForge Creator Pro

FlashForge Creator Pro offers a lot of useful innovations compared to the previous model, with its solid skin and closed casing.

The maximum output quality of the Creator Pro can be customized and optimized specifically to be open source, as it is highly stable due to features such as a new platform leveling system, double sprayer, metal housing.

With a reasonable price of $ 900, this printer has a very solid performance compared to its price. Especially thanks to the multiplicity of users and the interest of customer service, you can find lots of information about this device on the internet and search for answers. It is an ideal choice especially for mid-level users and professionals who are eager to try different things.

Affordable 3D Printers

The printers in this category are full price / performance products. So you can be sure that you will take your money too much.

Original Prusa i3 MK2

You can develop these models with price, reliability, output quality and modifiying features.

This model by Prague-based Prusa Research has an open source design.

The most important feature of the Prusa i3 MK2, which is larger than most desktop printers with dimensions of 25x21x20 cm, is that it has a heated bed. With this feature, it quickly warms up and quickly gets cold. The bed can also be calibrated at the same time, which is a great advantage for aligning the axle.

This silent mode printer is quite quiet compared to many 3D printers. The i3 MK2 can output up to 400 grams of product.

This printer, highly appreciated by its users, is quite popular with its open source form, quality and price. The device, which has a price tag of $ 700, is one of the most preferred models for those who want to get a 3D printer with consistency.

There are no double jet nozzles and some of them are making too much noise in normal mode. However, as we mentioned, having a quiet mode removes this problem.

Rostock MAX

Rostock MAX, produced by SeeMeCNC company and now available for sale in the third generation, is a 3D printer funded through the Indiegogo campaign in 2012.

This model design and speed, adopting Delta style instead of Cartesian design

The Rostock Max, which has a size of 100x27x35, has a volume of 21,000 centimeters cubes.

Users who indicate that the device requires about 30 hours to calibrate and set up,

Open to modifications due to its modular structure, this printer will feel safe with its user service and user community on the internet.

Rostock M, which is larger than Cartesian models due to its Delta design, ax has a selling price of $ 800. Ideal for anyone who wants to learn 3D printing technology, including medium and advanced users

Printrbot Simple Metal

This model from California-based Printrbot is one of the first 3D printer models. The printer, which started in 2011 as a Kickstarter project, has auto alignment and calibration features. The printer, measuring 15x15x15 cm, has a steel body and an aluminum tip.

This printer, which is very good in terms of price-performance thanks to its robust structure and quality output, has been developed with the open source code architecture. This allows users to modify it.

The printer, which can be installed in a few hours, is perfect for those looking for an open source 3D printer.

The price of the product is $ 600 ...

19659006] Plug-and-Play 3D Printers

The installation of the printers in this category is very simple. These devices, which are so easy to plug and operate, are not suitable for modification.

CraftBot PLUS

CraftBox PLUS, produced by Hungary-based CraftUnique, is a top-of-the-line printer with ease of use and quality.

This model provides consistent and quality product output, materials such as FDM, ABS, PLA It can handle. CraftWare software makes it very easy to prepare products for output.

This high-volume printer does not have double-ended printing, but it's written as a minus

This printer, which sells for around $ 1,100, will be quite pleased.

LulzBot Mini

LulzBot Mini, produced by Aleph Objects, is the brother of LulzBot. The Mini series is in the entry-level 3D printer category. Automatic alignment is one of the successful devices of this model "plug-and-play" category with self-cleaning nozzles.

This model, which can be installed for 15 minutes and produces quality output, is open to being developed by users because it is open source. The customer service of the LulzBot Mini, which is a serious user population, is also very active and relevant.

However, this model has some shortcomings. For example, it has to be connected to the computer continuously.

A very successful model in its class, the LulzBot Mini is a practical and easy-to-use 3-D printer that everyone is happy with.

The price is around $ 1250

CEL Robox

CEL Robox, a UK-based CEL company, received £ 280,000 from Kickstarter. The company produced a very successful 3D printer, CEL Robox, in exchange for this money.

CEL Robox, which offers high quality of customer service and 2 year guarantee, is sold for 1,500 dolars and gives every kurusun. This model, which is one of the most important printers of the "plug-and-play" category with features such as double sprayer and good quality output, can handle many materials and even handle two different materials at the same time.

CEL Robox is bigger than 10 centimeters

But despite everything, we are still confronted with a tight machine

SLS Based Industrial 3D Printers

Finally, let's look at the most successful 3D printer for industrial use produced in 2017:

EOS P 396

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) based printers are laser printers that melt powdered material.

The EOS P 396 produced by the German company EOS is one of the most successful models in SLS. The EOS P396 is an advanced version of the EOSINT P 395, which is much better at saving energy and speed than the previous model in size 34X34X60 cm. The P396, which can handle materials such as carbon fiber based PA, flameproof PA, aluminum PA, provides very successful and quality outputs.

Ownership of this device gives the EOS P396 5 out of 5 in terms of production volume, speed and reliability

This printer, which sells as much as $ 250,000, is quite large and requires expertise for its use. So it would only make sense for companies that earn money directly from this business to buy this printer. In other words, this is not a device for hobbies

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