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Business: Flowers in glycerin – how to start from scratch

Features of business

Every girl in her life has ever received a bouquet of flowers as a compliment or a gift. An unusually beautiful composition pleased the eye for several days, but afterwards her beauty withered. Over time, the gift was discarded as unnecessary and the memory of it remained only photographs. However, everyone would like to keep the gift forever or give flowers that would be kept for an unlimited period. Now this has become possible, thanks to the technology of conservation of colors in glycerine.

The main advantages of this business are the minimum investment, the simplicity of the technology itself, the safety of production and the possibility of its organization at home. Sales markets can serve as retail chains, personal customers. The cost price of production compared with the implementation price is several times lower, which makes the business extremely cost-effective.

The manufacturing technology has the following form. Flowers are cut and evenly placed in a glass bowl. Further, a preservative solution is made. For its preparation, it is necessary to mix glycerin with boiled hot water in a ratio of 1: 2. The finished solution must be cooled. Then they pour the composition and leave for a day. Here you should be vigilant: because of the pollen and juice of plants, the solution may become cloudy. In this case it is necessary to merge it and use a new one. Also, to prevent clouding, the cut is usually cauterized. The finished composition is securely clogged and ready for implementation.

The business of making flowers in glycerin is not yet widely spread. Production in most cases is made to individual orders. Therefore, working with trading networks will significantly increase profits.

An indicative business plan


It is recommended to register business registration as an IP. This will reduce the tax burden, reduce the complexity of the reporting. Minimal investments and risks do not require registration of larger forms of entrepreneurship.

Now it is necessary to decide on the choice of premises. The main requirements are the availability of lighting, ventilation, electricity and water supply and sanitation. The area of ​​the room should be about 10 sq.m. As we see, almost any kitchen meets all the requirements. This allows you to place production at home and save a lot on the arena of the premises.

The list of required equipment includes not so many components that the landlady can not find in her kitchen. In particular, garbage bags, cutting boards, knives, boiling vessels (kettles). Thus, we see that, in fact, no capital investment is required. All that is needed – glycerin, dishes, packaging and flowers – is further realized. Accordingly, the main uniqueness of this business is its immediate payback.

The cost of glycerin varies from the volume of packaging. Small bottles (1 liter) cost about 300 rubles, a larger canister (20 liters) can be purchased for 2,500 rubles – this will achieve a price of glycerin at 125 rubles per liter. To buy huge cisterns for economy is meaningless.

The cost of tare (bottles of different shapes) of about 1 liter is 20-30 rubles apiece. Registration will cost 5 rubles.

The most expensive item of expenditure is the purchase of flowers themselves. Here everything depends on the specific variety, the quantity in 1 package, etc. On average, the decoration of one gift with flowers will cost 50 rubles.

Thus, the cost of manufacturing 1 unit of production is 120 rubles.

The market value of colors in glycerin depends from the complexity of the composition and can average 300-400 rubles. Thus, the gross profit from the sale of 1 commodity will be 250 rubles, and net, net of tax, about 230 rubles.

The time of manufacturing 1 flower will be about 2 days (including insisting, buying flowers, etc.). Directly working on 1 article does not exceed 20 minutes.

The profit will depend entirely on sales volumes. In a month, it is possible to sell about 200 items of products, which will make a profit of 45,000 rubles.

In general, the production of flowers in glycerin does not require high costs, skills, and is also one of the options for earning a hobby.

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