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Business for the restoration of baths. Plan to start from scratch – Best business ideas for beginners and small businesses

Features of business

Plumbing, like any other equipment and interior items, eventually wears out and needs replacement. However, if it is a question of replacing a section of a pipe, a heated towel rail in the bathroom or a mixer, then the purchase does not constitute a breach in the budget. What can not be said about buying a new bath – even the cheapest models cost from 10,000 rubles and more. Accordingly, more and more often people turn to specialists-restorers, who return the product to the original look for an acceptable price without any harm for its original characteristics.

From the perspective of a businessman, this direction is quite promising. First, the entrance threshold is low: the necessary equipment does not require significant capital investment. Secondly, in this segment, competition is negligible. Thirdly, the technology of restoration itself is very simple and does not require special skills.

However, the main disadvantage of such entrepreneurial activity will be a relatively low profitability. The only way to avoid it is to expand the range of services for the restoration of household items. As a result of the successful start-up of a business, you should not limit yourself to working only with bathtubs.

Technology of work

The classical methodology for the restoration of baths suggests the use of three main methods:

  1. The flood method. When using this method, the surface of the bath is filled with liquid acrylic (Stakril). As a result, a new coating with a thickness of about 5 mm is formed on the walls of the bath, which is resistant to external factors (impacts and abrasives) and has a pleasant appearance. The technology of application includes the cleaning of the old coating with a special disk attachment to the drill, followed by degreasing, drying and applying Stakril. The total running time is about 4 hours. After 48 hours, the bath is ready for use.
  2. Enameling . One of the most common methods. It consists in applying enamel to the surface of the bath with a brush or spray (better – an atomizer, because it distributes evenly and without traces). Pre-treatment of the bath is similar to the bulk method. Advantages are that this method is cheaper, you can choose the color of the coating, and the work time is 2-3 hours. Disadvantages – the life of the new coating is less than that of the filler, and the drying time of the enamel reaches 4 days.
  3. Acrylic insert. The essence of the method is to install a new “surface” of a bath having a similar shape, but a slightly smaller size. On the old surface apply mounting adhesive foam, treat the drain hole with a sealant, and then put the liner. All work takes 1.5-2 hours, and the bath is ready for use the next day. Service life is higher than in previous cases. To disadvantages can be attributed only high cost and a slight decrease in the size of the bath surface used.

The approximate business plan

First of all, you need to register your business – in this case, the design of the IP is the best option.

Since all work is carried out on the road, no room is required. All materials can be stored at home.

The list of necessary equipment includes:

  • electric drill and nozzle-disc – 10 000 rubles;
  • atomizer – 1,000 rubles;
  • personal protective equipment (gloves, respirator, mask) – 3 000 rubles.

The total required only 14 000 rubles.

Consumables depend on the recovery method:

  • when pouring: stekril – 1,500 rubles;
  • when enameling: enamel – 500 rubles; [19659016] with the liner: insert – 2 400 rubles, assembly foam – 300 rubles, sealant – 300 rubles.

Total – 3 000 rubles. [1 9659004] The cost of services is as follows:

  • pouring – 3,000 rubles (profit – 1,500 rubles),
  • enameling – 2,000 rubles (profit – 1,500 rubles),
  • insert – 5,000 rubles (profit – 2 000 rubles).

Income from business depends on the number of services rendered. If every day to carry out at least 1 restoration, then at 22 working days the profit will be about 35 000 rubles. If you restore the day 3 baths (the maximum possible number), then the profit will increase threefold – up to 100 000 rubles.

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