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Business idea: Cross-stitch embroidery

Embroidery of cross-stitch art for craftsmen Everything below written will interest people of creative, artisan-minded or just people who appreciate traditions and beautiful things made by themselves. Many would not refuse a picture on the wall of their home. And the picture, embroidered with a cross, will decorate and give comfort even to the most unsightly room. Moreover, needlework recently in price. So embroidery of cross-stitch patterns is an actual idea for those who want to work at home, knows how and likes to embroider.

It’s enough to be patient with materials and patience. Buy fabric for embroidery. At what Cross-stitch embroidery is a great idea for earningdo not just confine yourself to one kind of fabric – you should have a fabric with a large cross, and with a smaller one. Do not forget about homespun fabrics – any embroidery on this fabric by craftsmen will be ordered at a high price. If you have the opportunity and ability, quietly make such a canvas yourself – this option will be much more profitable for you. Also, embroidery of paintings with a cross can also require a colored cloth. Depending on the embroidery pattern, the main background may coincide with the color of the canvas for embroidery.

Concerning the threads with which the pictures will be embroidered, this question should be well thought out and planned. In no case in the same embroidery should not occur threads of different manufacturers – this you can spoil the look of the entire canvas. If your production is already well established, it is very convenient and profitable for you to order threads for embroidery directly from the manufacturer. Thus, you minimize the risk of lack of the necessary tone.

The schemes for embroidering patterns can be found in online resources or borrowed from our mothers and grandmothers. There are also many organizations that, for a fee, convert the desired drawing into a scheme for embroidery. With time, with enough experience and skill, you can do it yourself.

Calculate the approximate thread consumption for each species A good idea for working at home is the embroidery of the cross paintings, for each embroidery technique. Thus, you can derive an approximate formula for calculating the cost of your work. To this cost, do not forget to add the cost of your work, which depends on the complexity of the embroidery, on the size of the picture and on many secondary factors.

Choose themes for your taste – if you do not care what to paint on the canvas, take care of any order . Or you can narrow down your audience by embroidering, for example, only icons or landscapes. Also do not forget about the children’s direction. Over time, gaining experience, improving skills, you can improve your masterpieces by adding beads, ribbons to embroidery.

You can use the Internet, the media to search for clients. Place photos of your work and leave contact information about yourself – and wait for calls. Tell your friends and relatives that you can order an embroidered picture – this is also a good advertisement.

So if you are stocked with materials and patience and embroidery is your favorite hobby, this idea is for you!


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