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Business idea: Embroidery with ribbons – how to start your own business

In our time, needlework and beautiful hand-made products are gaining immense popularity. There is a huge number of online stores that allow you to buy handmade products. Embroidery with ribbons for beginners is a popular topic for various video lessons (text, photo or video master class, if you like). The idea of ​​business is based on the sale of purchased or own products embroidered with ribbon, as well as conducting paid lessons known as master class.

Business Idea: Embroidery with Ribbons

There are people of different groups of consumers who may need similar goods and services:

• Creative people, most often female, between the ages of 15 and 75;
• Teachers of various creative circles;
• Owners of such handmade shops;
• Seamstresses and owners of the tailoring shop, etc. [19659004] The first group of people is now very Molecular. A lot of people are wondering whether embroidery is complicated with satin ribbons, what things they can decorate, and so on. Many women at all times were famous for their love of embroidery sewing and similar pastime. Some will be delighted with the lessons, and less hardworking people will buy the goods with pleasure, decorating themselves or the house, the workplace or buying a beautiful gift.

Teachers and shopkeepers / shop owners will also use such services. The technique of embroidery with ribbons will allow these groups of people to increase their permanent income and therefore they will be happy to learn this skill. Embroidery on clothes looks cool and very expensive. The success of this business plan in the popularity of handicrafts among different people and the possibility of selling services year-round.

The conditions necessary for the start

It all depends on what exactly you plan to do: either selling finished products, or teaching, and others.

The sale of purchased finished goods will require:

• Average start-up capital;
• Premises for storage of goods;
• Goods that are different for their intended purpose (clothes, linen, jewelry, household items and etc.);
• Archive of photos from

To sell homemade finished goods, you will need:

• Small start-up capital;
• A large amount of time or an employee assisting in work;
• Storage room for goods;
• Workshop and equipment for the manufacture of goods;
• Archive of photos of products.

If you want to specialize in lessons, you will need: a teaching room, material and start-up capital, equipment and means for disseminating information about the studio.

Start-up capital

The more money and energy you invest in your offspring, the more money you will receive as a result! This rule is worth remembering. The cost of renting or buying a property depends on various factors. Equipment materials or finished products – the same way. In online stores, the price for them is usually lower than the average, but it is possible to get a bad and defective product. The prime cost also includes utilities and advertising costs. Without a serious relationship, the business does not develop.

Do not skimp on the salary of employees, but do not spoil them in vain. Motivation in the work often becomes money. Encouraging premiums for quality work and depriving of increases for “hack-work”, you will be able to achieve maximum efficiency from the employees. Do not write off hiring workers. The first time is better to work independently. At least until the first decent profit.

The technology of creating goods

When creating products, it is very important to understand the topic well. The required materials are medium-hardness and density fabric; needles with a wide eyelet (best chenille); Pre-prepared drawing (scheme), which will be embroidered; ribbons, various sizes and colors. Embroidery ribbons painting - the occupation is not difficult, but very effective.

Cut off the tape length of 35-40 cm, on the one hand should be even. We perform a knot, as in the diagram. The second end of the tape is cut off the corner so that it is easier to insert it into the needle. We insert the tape into the eye, move it 3 cm from the edge and pierce the needle 1 cm from the edge. After that, move the tape on the needle closer to the ears, pulling at its long part. Taking the short tip of the tape, remove it from the needle on the side of the ear, as if stitching it.

Now all the materials are ready for work. After fixing the fabric, mark the approximate contour of the pattern with a water-washable marker or pencil. Just design the flowers, leaves, berries and stuff. On an example of a rose, we will explain embroidery with ribbons. Divide imaginary or painted mugs into 5 sectors. From the edges and to the center we thread the tape 4 times. 5 times we pierce the fabric from the edge of the circle, and in the center area we hold it under the already sewn 4 ribbons, without touching the fabric. Now we periodically hold the tape above and under the 5 bands in a circle, forming a flower. "Filling" it with petals, we deduce the last stitch inside out and fix it. Do not tighten the tape, do not skip the random knot and follow the correctness of the action.

On the Internet and specialized literature, you can get acquainted with the various embroidery designs with ribbons: chamomile, poppies, pansies, gladioluses, etc. Excellent embroidery with sunflower ribbons. Looks beautiful embroidery with lilac ribbons. If you are interested in this, schemes for embroidery with ribbons can be found in various sources and painted independently.


Advertising is an important factor in business promotion. Without it, the business is uncompetitive. And because of the specifics and direction, he and so will be very complicated in moving forward. Practice proves that street booklets and newspapers are a relic of the past. It is best to distribute advertising on the Internet. Also in stores with materials where consumers are more likely to appear, you can leave personal business cards. In the business card, focus on the complexity of some technique, such as a French knot, and indicate that you will help to sort out easily and cheaply.

"Embroidery with ribbons for beginners", "Handmade souvenir shop" - be original in the title, do it , that will be remembered and will be on hearing. After all, with the name begins to get acquainted with any company, even the most famous. You can also come up with an emblem. It will not take away a lot of money, but will become a distinctive feature of your goods. Emblems are pictures that speak for themselves. Remembering a well-known brand of a car or a social network, a visualization of the corporate symbol immediately appears immediately.

Possible difficulties

When conducting a master class, there is a great chance that an inept person will demand compensation, which in itself is not rational, because he himself could not learn from the master. Therefore, fabrics are made for embroidery ribbons (color pictures) and are provided to beginners. Naturally for a surcharge. If this did not help and the person still does not cope - it is worth emphasizing the conduct of the lesson. After all, people pay for attendance at the lesson, and not for their own understanding.

If you sell ready-made goods - beware of marriage. After all, when selling a marriage, one should expect unflattering situations. And buyers will be deprived - it is ridiculous and impermissible. Enter the return date for the product and when selling the product, warn the buyer about this deadline. Or allow me to replace drawings or other not very expensive goods.

Price policy

The main goal of providing an assortment of goods and services is to make a profit. And the profit depends on the cost price and on a demand. The amount of the cost includes all the money spent on production, from wages to staff and to paying for the Internet. An easy to remember formula: the cheaper the cost - the more profits, the more popular the product - the higher the price. And vice versa.

Embroidery with silk ribbons is an expensive pleasure and therefore the price of a product with such embroidery can be high, even if the cost price has gone low. You need to adequately treat your products and do not overprice the price "to the skies." The sale of a picture decorated with ribbons should not have a high price, but cover the cost price.

Initially count on at least some income is not necessary, because the development of business will take from six months to 1 year. And then, with the active development and promotion of it to the masses. Embroidery with satin ribbons is a specificity that is very appreciated in some circles and is considered ridiculous in others. Be prompt, do not spare money for advertising and interact with people in this field - and your business will be successful!

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