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Business idea: Jewelry with our own hands – how to make money?

His business jewelry with his hands Unique and unique jewelry made by the craftsman by hand, will always find a response in the market. Rarely in the store you can find a thing that will also individually emphasize the individuality, as a thing created to order. That’s why making jewelry with your own hands is quite popular, and hand-made things are in constant demand.

Preliminary Evaluation

To confidently start, you need to figure out some key nuances. Before you begin the learning process, you need to answer yourself on several important questions.

1. Why do I need this?
2. What works inspire me?
3. What do I want to provide to customers?
4. How will my products differ from those of competitors?
5. How fast do I want to work?
6. How much do I want to earn? Will the effort be paid off? Who will carry out the orders?
7. How can I make my work as productive as possible?

Consider these questions and the answers to them.

1. The answer to the question “Why?” Is the most important among all. This is the basis of your productive activities and motivation. Perhaps you want to have enough free time, determine the schedule yourself, or simply want to work at home. Maybe you like to make products yourself. The latter is especially valuable, because it is impossible to engage in activities that do not like for a long time. The main thing is that the reasons were strong enough for you personally.

2. You need to see the market, evaluate the work of masters, both known and not so. Determine what kind of products you like. This will help to understand two things for yourself: what style of work and which materials attract you the most.

3. The kind of work you want to provide to customers directly depends on what kind of work you like. Most people professionally engaged in hand-made do only those orders that impress them personally. And this is right, because such work carries away. Few people, for example, are engaged in wholesale of jewelry.

4. Something different from the others is very important. Making jewelry yourself – quite a competitive area. The analysis of the market helps to determine for yourself a suitable niche. For example, you can make things in the style of steampunk, beaded. These two areas are rarely combined. If you can not decide right away, you can start learning, and define the “zest” of your work after some time.

5. When you evaluate the desired speed, you need to consider that it increases with experience. First, making things will take a decent amount of time.

6. When calculating the desired cost of your work, you need to consider three nuances: their uniqueness, time spent and the overall situation on the market. Proceeding from this, you need to count your time and strength so that they pay off. In this matter, it is good to find the optimal prices: those that justify your investment and are suitable for customers. It would be nice to determine in this issue and with what category of people will carry out orders for jewelry. It can be girls of 13-16 years old or older women. The price is usually indicated on the tag. It is necessary that a potential client can immediately evaluate whether he can purchase the product.

7. Optimization of labor occurs for the most part already in the process of work, when you learn how to do the job faster without losing quality.

When you have decided what things you want to do, it’s time to purchase materials. For each type of product, a certain number of special elements are required.

How to choose the materials?

The basic set for making jewelry looks like this:

Pliers, narrow nose pliers and side cutters. These tools help to work with wire and other elements. Pliers take the wire out of too narrow places, the narrow-nosed pliers help form the rings, and the cutter can cut off the desired piece of wire. Some tools for making jewelry can be replaced in special cases. For example, to bite a thin wire fit and scissors, but for more rigid parts you need side cutters. This is not the final set of tools, but it will be enough to begin with.

Costume jewelery hand made - how to make money? Beads and beads. Beads can be very different: acrylic, wooden, natural stones, metal and others. In addition, you can find various interesting pendants and buttons. Beads, of course, can be taken expensive, Czech, but in the beginning should be enough for the usual.

Wire. It can be of different thicknesses and colors. For beginners, copper wire, 0.8 mm in thickness, will be the best option. Usually, the color and thickness are chosen for the color and size of the beads.
Different bases are required for different jewelry. These are items on which materials are subsequently superimposed.

Tags for jewelry. They are needed when selling the goods. The tags write the cost of the product. When selling via the Internet, you can specify the cost under the photograph of the thing, however, the presence of the tag gives the product a more serious presentation. When selling things through stores, sellers stick tags on their own.

The set of materials depends on what you are going to do. The accessories for making jewelry are different in each particular case. Some styles of hand-made jewelry require the use of fabrics, parts from watches or polymer clay. Here you need to proceed from the current goals and preferences, yours and the person who makes the order.

Where to find materials?

The accessories can be purchased in several ways.

1. Purchase in the hardware store.
2. Order online store.
3. Buy in bulk.

Some materials do at home. For example, there are beads that are made by hand. They can be found at hand-made masters on special sites or personal pages on social networks.

Most materials, such as carnations, beads, pendants and other, are profitable to buy in bulk. Usually, wholesale starts from 50 pieces.

The advantage of buying accessories in a regular store is that the seller can help you with a choice and answer all the basic questions. This is important for beginners. More advanced masters can be purchased on their own.

The advantages of purchasing fittings in online stores is the saving of time and the availability of a wide range. In addition, buying through the Internet is usually cheaper by the order of magnitude.

Claiming Yourself

What can help a beginner master to express himself? The most popular ways are:

1. Create pages in social networks. The process of making and selling jewelry can be fully concentrated

at home, that is, not only do things at home, but also sell without leaving it. Social networks - this is one of the most powerful tools for promotion for a beginner master.

2. Create a personal blog. In the process of work, you will note more and more specific nuances. For such details you can write articles. There are many people who are interested in this.

3. Business cards. Making your own business cards is an advantageous investment. You can give them to old friends and new acquaintances. The advantage of this approach is that not all people want to place an order immediately. It happens that the customer attends the desire to buy a thing after a long time.

Where to sell?

1. Social networks. You can write to one or more of the many groups that specialize in hand-made. Of course, you need to choose groups of suitable topics. In addition, you can create your own group or subscription, in which you will upload photos of your products. There you can also take orders for orders.

2. Register in a large online store and offer people to buy your products. Among the popular venues are the "Fair of Masters" and "Artfire". There are many lesser thematic sites, such as hand-made and selio, where you can have a private store.

3. There are services when using which you need to transfer the goods to the site manager: he acts as an intermediary and sends the goods to the buyers.

4. Take orders on English resources. Of course, this requires knowledge of the language, but the cost of goods there is somewhat higher.

5. To hand over jewelry to offline stores for sale. There is nothing difficult: just go to several specialized stores in your city and ask if they accept the products for sale. Most often taken.

6. In addition, you can take individual orders from friends and acquaintances.

7. You can put the production at such a level, when it becomes possible to sell jewelry wholesale. But this is not too profitable. Of course, there are shops, and in real life, and on the Internet, which require such masters. However, the cost of working under these conditions is significantly reduced.

Each method has its advantages. The stores have special equipment for selling jewelry on which the goods are placed. The buyer can easily review and evaluate the products. The cost is usually indicated on tags that are attached by the seller.

Internet publications, in turn, do not require large time costs. All you need is to take a good photo and expose it. The cost can be specified under the photo or on the tag affixed to the product.

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