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Business: Installation and installation of swimming pools – how to start, business plan

Having a country house, whether it is a large estate or a small holiday village, anyone will want to have a pool. Well, who would abandon his own sea just outside the window? And, besides enjoying the cool water in the hot summer months, the presence of the pool has always been a sign of well-being and luxurious life. Previously, really, the pool could afford only well-to-do owners of chic country houses. Today, the situation has changed dramatically, and almost everyone can afford to install the “sea outside the window.” This is due to the fact that the so-called prefabricated (frame) pools appeared on the market. It's about them (and more precisely, about the earnings associated with their installation) and we want to tell a little.

Installation and installation of swimming pools

The installation of frame pools is very developed in America, Europe also does not lag. Russia has not yet gained such momentum, but the supply market is growing rapidly, and demand is increasing exponentially. According to experts, in the near future new “players” will appear on the market, since such earnings can not be missed. Most likely, it will be large companies that will provide all kinds of services related to the installation, installation and maintenance of pools.

The best way to start your business of installing and installing swimming pools is to become a representative of a well-known foreign company (optimally – American or European ). In this case, the owner of a new firm solves in one fell swoop many problems that entrepreneurs may face,
beginners “from scratch.” So, customers will soon turn to the pool for a supplier of a proven and proven manufacturer. Among other things, you yourself receive guarantees as materials and structures and you can safely tell the buyer about these or other advantages of your swimming pools.

How the process of installation and installation of the basin is taking place

There are two ways of installing the frame pool: installation in a pre-prepared foundation pit and installation on the surface.

The second method is much cheaper and in this case the pool installation will take 1 day. With a great desire and certain skills, buyers themselves often install the pool according to the instructions, without resorting to the help of specialized employees. With such an installation, a smooth surface is prepared (preferably near the house to facilitate the communication wire), covered with sand and covered with boards or a heater. Next on the prepared surface is installed the pool itself. The next stage – equipping the pool with filters, sensors, heaters, nozzles, hydromassage, lighting. But all this depends on the client's desire. Of course, the cost of the whole order directly depends on it.

Most often, skeleton pools for the winter are collected, but there are also frost-resistant pools with a steel casing. Such pools can be safely left for the winter and, accordingly, to ennoble them, for example, beating with a wooden board. The pool immediately acquires a completely different appearance, looks much more spectacular and the longevity of such a pool is much higher.

The installation of a basin into a pit is a more laborious process and the cost of such a pool is much higher. In this case, installation and assembly of the pool will take about 5 working days. To begin with, the foundation pit is prepared in the required shape and depth, then the process is not much different from the installation of the ground basin.

Organizational questions of business in the installation of basins

In order to implement this idea, in addition to verified vendors, the client needs to contact you and at the same time must be sure that communicates not with the director of the sharashka office, but with a reliable firm. There is no need for a huge office, but in qualitative (though cosmetic) repairs there is a need. It is also necessary to purchase office and furniture and office equipment. Create several catalogs, which will provide ready-made projects and possible options for installing the pool.

By the way, as for advertising – do not let the advertising campaign take its course. Although a well-implemented project will lead to you no one interested client, yet the pool installation firm requires advertising. One of their main goals is to place advertising on the outskirts of the city, on the roads near the cottage townships and directly in the elite private sectors with the target audience. This refers to the placement of advertising on bigboards, as well as the banal placement of simple ads. If you want and you can order a site where your company's projects will be presented, technologies described and a list of services provided. And, of course, your contact details and coordinates will be indicated.

In addition to renting a room, placing advertisements and purchasing the structures themselves, one of the significant costs is the purchase of tools and training of staff.

The installation of frame pools can be attributed to seasonal business, as the demand for such services falls on April-May and by August orders stop coming. Directly installation and installation of swimming pools take place in the period May-September. During this time, large companies receive about 25 orders a month. Young companies that just entered the market receive 1-2 orders per month and this is quite a good result. With this development, the business of installing and installing swimming pools will pay off in about 2 years.

As an additional earnings and expanding the client's audience, it is advisable to provide maintenance services for already installed pools – repair, cleaning, improvement, annual assembly in the spring and “disassembly” in autumn . Also, a tangible plus to net profit will be the sale of related products: for example, funds for cleaning pools, additional equipment.

In summary, installation and installation of frame pools (prefabricated pools) is a promising business and relatively quickly recoverable. Large investments at the start of such a business solution does not require, and with a competent approach, the result is almost instantaneous. Among other things, the demand for pool installation services is constantly and rapidly increasing, which certainly provokes the growth of companies that provide similar services. So, having decided to earn on installation and installation of pools, it is not worth losing time, but it is necessary to soon enter the market!

Estimated costs

Installation of swimming pools is quite expensive, but nevertheless, profitable business. If you want to install swimming pools on the surface, then it does not require huge investments and a wide front of work. However, the profit from such pools is small. Pond pools require the use of special equipment, but at the same time their cost over time covers any costs. Accordingly, if there is a good start-up capital, it is best to build both types of structures.

A pool installation company must have its own office, in which mock-ups of possible structures and equipment will be stored. The approximate office space should be about 80 square meters (rent of such premises will cost 50,000 rubles a month). For the arrangement of the office (purchase of office equipment, furniture, creation of mock-ups, etc.), it is necessary to spend at least 250 000 rubles.
The largest expenditures are for the purchase of the following equipment and special equipment:

    - excavator - 800 000 rubles;
    - concrete mixer - 200 000 rubles;
    - a set of power tools (perforator, drills, screwdrivers, jigsaws, circular saws) - 200 000 rubles;
    - hand tools (shovels, crowbars, mounts, trowels, etc.) - 50 000 rubles .

Total, the minimum investment, taking into account the arrangement of the office, amount to 1.5 million rubles

The workforce should include at least 5 people (meter, sales manager, excavator, handymen), for the payment of which monthly will be about 150 000 rubles.
The front of the installation of the pool is as follows: the specialist-zamerschik leaves to the client, stipulates the project of the pool, makes a sketch and coordinates the budget. After this, a drawing is created, on the basis of which consumables are purchased, elements of the pool and equipment (filters, disinfectors, etc.) are ordered from metalworking enterprises. Next, the workers' brigade tears the foundation pit, installs the pool, connects it to the supply systems and hands over the work.

The cost of the pool depends on its size and configuration. On average, a pit-type swimming pool costs the customer about 300,000 rubles, of which about 60,000 rubles is the mark-up of the company. The period between the receipt of the order and the delivery of the pool is 5 days, respectively, for a month the company can extract gross profit of 360,000 rubles and a net profit of 160,000 rubles, which will pay back the business in about a year, given the seasonality.

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