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Business on production and installation of greenhouses – how to start, business plan

The current economic situation, related to the fall in real incomes of the population and the rise in food prices, as well as the desire of residents to use environmentally friendly products, lead to the fact that the overwhelming number of people are striving to acquire their own summer cottage area or refine existing ones. And ambiguity of the climate, in turn, entails the need to build greenhouses, which allows you to grow vegetables and fruits in comfortable conditions regardless of the weather. Thus, at present the business of planning, preparing, erecting and introducing greenhouses is going to flourish.

The main drawback of this business is seasonality. The main peak of orders in such companies is early spring. However, orders can be performed throughout the whole summer season, ending in the fall. But in winter, greenhouse construction services are unclaimed.

Also, due to the low entry threshold, there are currently a huge number of companies providing similar services, which inevitably leads to competition in the market. The cheapness of production and materials, high profitability, being undoubted advantages for doing business, lead to an oversupply of supply on the market.

Types of greenhouses

Classification of greenhouses can be based on different approaches.

Depending on the purpose of the greenhouses can be personal, farmer and industrial. Their difference is mainly in the scale of the erection. The most popular are private and farm greenhouses, because they have a relatively low cost and are easy to manufacture and erect.

Depending on the design of the greenhouse, there are:

  • arched (saving material, durability),
  • rectangular (easy to erect , 19659010] are pyramidal (small, complex in production, they are used mainly in landscape di- agnostics, etc.);
  • are walled (located on the south side of the building, allow to save on materials, have reinforced construction); ayne),
  • polygonal (usually used for growing flowers).

Finally, depending on the material, the greenhouses can be:

  • glass,
  • film,
  • reinforced-polyethylene
  • ]
  • polycarbonate.

The choice of material for the greenhouse

The choice of material for the construction of the greenhouse comes from the existing budget and the purpose of the greenhouse.

Glass greenhouses are very expensive to produce, fragile and heavy. They are used extremely rarely, mainly as a decoration for landscape design and the construction of flower beds. The erection requires a solid foundation.

Film greenhouses on a wooden or metal frame are currently a relic of the Soviet era. They are inexpensive and easy to install, do not require a foundation, the film allows you to quickly warm the greenhouse, but the protection against frost is weak. Due to the low strength and short life of the film, it is almost not used at present.

The reinforced polyethylene hothouses are classical film greenhouses reinforced with reinforced mesh, which increases the operating life of the greenhouse by 2-3 years.

Spunbond greenhouses are manufactured with using non-woven white cloths, which allows to achieve high strength and operation in frosts. However, the service life and price leave much to be desired.

Finally, polycarbonate greenhouses are by far the best price-quality ratio. In the manufacture of cellular polycarbonate, which allows you to pass a lot of light and heat for accelerated plant growth. The low cost of materials, the ease of erection and the long service life make polycarbonate greenhouses the most in demand on the market.

The cost of equipment and materials, business profitability

The equipment and materials necessary for the manufacture and installation of greenhouses, include:

1) When preparing the foundation (when building large greenhouses):

A) Materials concrete for the foundation):

  • cement (1 part),
  • sand (3 parts),
  • gravel (5 parts).

On average, the foundation casting for the villa greenhouse costs 5 thousand rubles. [19659002] B) Equipment:

  • a tool for mixing the solution – 5 thousand rubles;
  • capacity for stirring is 1 thousand rubles. [19659014] 2) Fabricated framework:

    A) Materials:

    • galvanized iron in the form of pipes / fittings – about 3 thousand rubles per 1 greenhouse.

    B) Equipment:

    • profile bending (used for bending profiles ) – 15 thousand rubles;
    • Cutting machine (used for cutting pipes) – 40 thousand rubles;
    • welding machine (used for welding the structure) – 5 thousand rubles.

    3) Installation of polycarbonate plates:

    A) Materials:

    • polycarbonate plates (per 1 greenhouse an average of about 3 thousand rubles).

    Thus, the equipment needed The cost of materials required for the manufacture of a small greenhouse with the laying of a foundation costs 11 thousand rubles.

    Taking into account the cost of installation, the finished product costs from 15 thousand rubles and above, depending on the size of the greenhouse. Small buildings do not require a foundation, their prime cost is from 5 thousand rubles at a market price of 10 thousand, more expensive greenhouses cost 15-20 thousand rubles.

    As additional services it is possible to offer:

    • installation of lighting system through luminescent or LED lamps. The approximate cost of materials is from 2 thousand rubles, the cost of the service is from 5 thousand rubles.
    • installation of heating and ventilation. The cost of an infrared heater for greenery is 10 thousand rubles, taking into account the installation – 15 thousand rubles. Installation of fans costs 10 thousand rubles.
    • installation of irrigation system. The cost of equipment is 20 thousand rubles. Its installation and commissioning costs 25 thousand rubles.

    Thus, the construction of an equipped greenhouse of an average area requires about 40 thousand rubles, while the price of its implementation starts from 80 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the margin is about 100% of the cost, which makes the business of production and installation of greenhouses cost-effective.

    In the presence of permanent orders, it is possible daily to produce and install from 2 greenhouses, which in a month can bring net profit of $ 100-200 thousand rubles. In a year, taking into account seasonality of demand, the business will bring from 600 thousand rubles and above with minimal investments, as the payback, subject to availability of orders, occurs during the first month.

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