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Business at the rental of an adult tricycle – how to start

At present, poor ecology, poor health and a monotonous lifestyle, it is possible to translate into reality one business idea that can be useful for a society safe for the environment and make a profit . This whole utility is united by an adult tricycle, which is quite noticeable from all other types of bicycles.
Let’s list its advantages: reliability and stability while driving, reducing the risk of injury. And the most important difference of this type of bicycle is expressed in the fact that all interested persons can use it regardless of age. An adult tricycle is also used to correct the state of health in various diseases. For example, on the advice of doctors, after some operations, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of the musculoskeletal system and the muscular system of the legs, as well as with dysplasia of the hip joint and cerebral palsy.
If you make daily walks on a tricycle, you can notice an improvement in coordination of movements , the work of the vestibular apparatus and the improvement of mood, general vitality, immunity. Special action bicycle rides have on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In short, an adult tricycle is a whole restorative complex for health that can be converted without any difficulty to any tasks and desires.
The business idea is to design a three-wheel bike independently and to hire / sell to the needy and willing. The new three-wheeled model is well obtained from the old classic (2-wheel) model, if you make a little effort. To carry out the reincarnation you will need a classic bicycle of any brand and any material, and assembly kits that can be found in the special. shops and markets. In the information sources, you can find specific information and advice on self-assembly. Some masters advise to use the rear bridge Uk6, kits for creating a six-speed tricycle with a differential (rear axle M2) and no differential. The advantage of the rear axle is that it is easy to install on any frame and different wheels.
The adult “tri-wheel” has various models, speed and technical characteristics. The bike with the differential is the most convenient, which makes the bicycle more stable and manageable.
Some important rules must be met during assembly: optimal size, stability at turns, condition of pedals and wheels, noiseless movement of wheels and steering wheel turns, convenience of storage and transportation.
Thus, a business idea can become a rehabilitation bicycle center for restoring health and walking or a transportation organization.
In any case, the main thing is to have a desire and imagination!


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