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Where e-commerce entrepreneurs can find business and Product ideas

There are a lot of new business ideas on the internet, but do not you know where to start as an entrepreneur?  You want to open an online store, but are you not sure exactly what you want to sell? This article will help you find, evaluate and approve product ideas.

Before looking at the sources in the article, it is useful to keep two things in mind:

1 – Try to see beyond the products while searching for new product ideas. It may come as cliché, but there is a serious competition in the most common and popular product categories. Looking at a different perspective increases your chances of success. Do not just look at the products, but also the potential of the product category. Incorporate new ways to use new markets, new features and products

2 – Do not be afraid to look at smaller product categories and niches. While the niche potential subcategory is a subcategory of a large category with fewer customers, competition in niche products is less. Low competition makes it easy to get top rankings on Google, which reduces your advertising costs.

We mentioned the best places to find product ideas in this article. Here are the top 10 places where e-commerce entrepreneurs can find business ideas

product ideas

Let’s start:

Make a list

After reading this article and reviewing the sources in the article, write down your ideas in paper. Keep an eye on all the ideas you write, then go back and evaluate their applicability and potential.

1 – Start your hand

Observe the ideas you have before you start your Internet research. It could be a product or idea that you have in mind for years. You may have a business plan written halfway on your computer.

Here are a few questions that you need to consider when making your listener:

What products, niches or sectors do you care for?

In your own life, ”

Example: Max was having difficulty making his hair in the morning. He showered every morning in order to get his hair properly, but it was not useful either. Finally, he managed to solve this problem with his own product, Morning Head. Morning Head is an absorbent towel fabric that can be filled with water, a shower bonesi that is attached to the head and makes the hair ready to stick in a minute.

2 – Local people

Sometimes there is no need to find a new business idea. We have a lot of traditional businesses around. If you closely follow trends in these traditional businesses and adapt these trends to e-commerce, you can create a profitable and unique business. Study the local community and make notes on what new or interesting concepts they refer to. Local newspapers are great resources for such news and information.

Example: The Yummy Tummy Soup Company is one of the best examples of a traditional business concept. Through Yummy Tummy Soup Company you can send healthy homemade soaps, pastries and macaroni to your loved one. All the products are cooked and baked daily and they are sent to the country in heat-controlled containers.

3 – Online consumer trend publications

One of the best sources you can research to find product ideas is online consumer trend publications. Tracking trend publications is one of the best ways to get information about products that other entrepreneurs have prized. Following these publications will ensure you have information about the new product categories and industries you have not heard before.

Trend Watching – Here are some of the popular trend trends in the world. independent trend company.


Trend Hunter – It is the largest and most popular trend community in the world. Trend Hunter, a global network of 137,000 members and 3,000,000 members, is a great resource for those who want to become entrepreneurs.

Trend_Hunter’s founder Jeremy said: “Like many of us, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I did not know which idea I wanted to pursue. I chose the professions that I thought would help me find a job idea … However, despite years of research, I still have not found the inspiration. That’s why I founded Trend Hunter, where curious people shared their ideas and inspired them. ”

Product ideas

There are millions of business ideas around the world that have a certain style or niche markets. It’s not always possible to go around the world to investigate these ideas. At this point Yeniisfikirleri.net is commissioned. Example: : Dan, who is aware of the trend in another country and carries it to his home country, is looking for new entrepreneurship ideas, trends and stories. and Dan’s product Inkkas is one of the best examples. Inkkas are beautiful and unique shoes produced using authentic South American fabrics. Dan found this idea after discovering these shoes made in South American fabrics in Peru. He thought he would appreciate this great product on the North American market as well, he moved to North America and earned over $ 77,000 through Kickstarter.

4 – Industry leaders

If you know the industry or the niche you want to enter, you can find industry leaders using a variety of tools. Keeping track of the right people in the social media will help you find new ideas. It is up to you to uncover these opportunities.

Some of the online tools that you can find leaders that affect a particular industry or niche are:




5 – Product and trend discovery sites

Product and trend discovery sites are also sources you can use to find ideas and get inspiration. Uncrate (men’s products) and Outblush (women’s products) are the best sources to review new product trends.

Here are some of the popular product and trend exploration blogs:

Uncrat to


Bless This Stuff

Cool Material

Gear Moose


the hiconsumptio


Just check out the big and popular sites, as well as browse niche sites. Identify the types of products and niches that interest you, and do your research accordingly.


6 – Social curation sites

Pinterest and other similar visual curation sites are great resources for product and niche ideas. Many of the images are made up of interesting, new and trend consumer products. Using these social signals you can find popular product ideas. You can evaluate whether your product or market is for your niche.

Some of the big curation sites are:

Pinterest : One of the fastest growing social networks with more than 50 million monthly users. Do not forget to check out the popular section to see trend products.

Polyvore: It’s the new way of reviewing and buying things you like. Polyvore’s global community has created over 80 million collage-like sets until now.

Fancy: He defines himself as a piece store, a magazine and a wish list. You can use Fancy to find gifts and share your favorite discoveries.

Wanelo: He describes himself as a community where products and stores come together.


7 – Wholesale markets

Nothing is as good as getting product ideas straight from your source. This option is quite popular among e-commerce Business entrepreneurs. The resources gathered by wholesalers and producers like Alibaba offer thousands of products and ideas.

Some of the wholesale sites are:

Alibaba – You’ve heard of Alibaba. one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. Ali-baba brings together consumers from around the world with wholesalers and manufacturers in Asia. You can find all kinds of products in this site where hundreds of thousands of products are found.

Alibaba is considered the largest online wholesaler and manufacturer database, but there are other sites where you can get inspiration and find product ideas.

Some of Alibaba’s greatest competitors are:


Global Sources



8 – Online consumer markets

One of the rich sources of product ideas you can find is online consumer markets. It would be less if you can find millions of products. That’s why you can start your search with some of the popular and trendy products.

Some of the online consumer markets are:

eBay – eBay’s largest online consumer market

eBay Market Research – the section where you can find the most popular product categories

Amazon – Amazon’s largest internet retailer

Amazon Bestsellers – The part where Amazon’s most popular products take place. Updating every hour.

Amazon Movers and Shakers – the top sellers in the last 24 hours. Updating every hour.

Kickstarter – Kickstarter’s largest community site

Kickstarter Discover – the section on which all projects are reviewed according to their popularity, funding and other options

Etsy – site where Etsy handcrafted products

Etsy Trending Items – the episode where the latest trends and listings are reviewed

AliExpress – new consumer wholesaler market with small product orders

AliExpress Popular – the part where the most popular products take place


9 – Social forum communities

Reddit is the biggest social media news source. He describes himself as the front page of the Internet and is a very effective site. Reddit has thousands of subgroups addressing different issues and different interests. In these subgroups you can find a lot of new products or business ideas.

If you have an idea of ​​a particular sector, range, or product category, research and find an appropriate subgroup to join and be part of that community.

There are a lot of product-focused sub-groups full of ideas:

Here are a few examples:

Buy It For Life – Applicable, durable and quality products

Shut Up And Take My Money – Interesting, smart and useful products

Also look at the subgroups where Amazon products are segmented:

The Best of Amazon

The-Best of Amazon Canada

The_Best of Amazon UK

Find It On Amazon

No matter what approach you choose, Reddit remains and will continue to be one of the most valuable sources of entrepreneurial ideas.

10 – Instagram

Instagram is not just a platform for food and dog photos. It is also a platform where inspirational product ideas are also included.

Some of the ways to find products and niche ideas using Instagram are:

Hashtag – If you are interested in a specific product category or industry, you can research using HashTag.

Product curation accounts: There are a lot of Instagram accounts where product content is published. Just like the other examples above, you can look at accounts that appeal to niches that interest you. For example, Shopify publishes interesting and unique products at Shopify’s 90,000 online stores.

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