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Glowing Flowers – Idea-Business

On the eve of most celebrations, the question always arises: what should I give? This issue turns out to be problematic especially for those who are little acquainted with the originator of the celebration or have not had any contact for a long time. I think everyone will agree with me that flowers were always a universal gift. Bouquet really always helps out in this situation. Recently, the variety of flowers in flower shops is simply staggering. One of the novelties today are luminous flowers that are rapidly flooding the flower market.

Flowers glowing in the dark

A glowing flower is an ordinary live flower that is treated with a special paint (luminophor) or bio-gel that creates a glow effect in the dark Times of Day. Due to such processing each flower and bouquet can be made unique. Blossoming flowers cause only positive emotions. They are akin to a miracle, only this miracle is quite easy to do by yourself.

Both the gel and the luminous paint have high environmental performance and meet all standards. They are not harmful for plants and for our smaller brothers. The luminous flowers do not carry any danger to man, including children.

How to make a luminous flower? In fact, no special knowledge and skills are required. To create a miracle, only materials and your imagination are needed.

So, let's consider both variants of creating luminous colors.

1. Luminous gel for flowers.

In this case, flowers are treated with a special bio-gel. In ordinary daylight, it is not noticeable on the petals, and in the dark creates a glow effect. The gel can not be applied to the entire surface of the petals, but only at their base. Then it seems that there is a light source inside the bud and it really looks like magic.

With the help of a glowing gel for flowers, you can put inscriptions on the buds, depict figures, and draw patterns. In addition, the bio-gel prolongs the life of the cut flower, reducing the evaporation of moisture.

2. Luminous (light-accumulating) paint

Unlike the gel, the paint is lighter and invisible. It does not burden the bud and has a high vapor permeability, so that the flower “does not notice” an additional layer of paint on itself. Luminous paint is suitable for cut flowers and for fresh flowers (however, like gel). It is possible to apply paint on the bud with a brush, denoting the contour of petals or stems, depicting patterns, or using a spray gun.

A luminous paint for colors gives a brighter glow on light buds – a white substrate enhances the glow in the dark.

] Consumption of materials and prices

A glowing gel for flowers is sold in 210 ml bottles. On the full color of 1 bud leaves 1 ml of gel. The cost of this bottle is about 40 euros.

The cost of the paint is about 70 euros for 1 liter of paint. This volume is enough for painting 1000-1500 buds. Paint is also sold in sets of 50 ml vials. In such sets each bottle has its own color. Those. in the usual luminous paint for colors, add a color pigment, which gives the night glow of the flower a special shade. But remember that the brightest glow is obtained when using pure phosphor paint - pigments blunt the ability to glow

Direction of development

Of course, this idea is the most profitable for those who are already professionally engaged in breeding and selling flowers. Those. it is most actual for owners of ready-made flower shops and salons.

But as a start of business, glowing flowers can be easily considered. Naturally, the cash costs and costs of your work in this case will increase, but you will have the advantage - on the market you will come out with the luminous colors in the assortment. Additional income will also bring realization of the paint and gel itself. I think many people will want to create a miracle with their own hands, all the more knowing that it is available.

Given the information above, we can safely say that the profitability of such an idea is above 100%. But this is subject to your hard work. Glowing flowers are a promising trend in floristics, which has already appeared on the market, but this niche is still very few people occupied.

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