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How to open a beauty salon from scratch – step by step instruction


Open A Beauty Salon From Scratch

Hello, dear readers of our site. Today in the section Business Ideas an article on how to open a beauty salon. Among my acquaintances there are successful entrepreneurs in this field. Again, just opening a beauty salon is not enough. We need to invest in its development, popularization and, of course, in advertising.

open a beauty salon


Methods of registration as an entrepreneur and taxation

To open a beauty salon as a new business, you should choose a registration system as an entrepreneur. It may be an LLC or an IP. Start better and easier with individual entrepreneurship, and then, if the business expands, go to LLC.

The taxation system depends on the type of services in the cabin. If this is household services (haircut, manicure, eyebrow design, pedicure, etc.), then the UTII system is provided. In the salon, where cosmetic, medical manipulations are carried out, taxes should be paid on a simplified system of taxation.

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Documents and controlling organizations

What documents are needed to open a beauty salon? After repairing the premises, you must begin to make out the documents. The main paper is a technical passport of the premises, you can get it in the BTI.

Beauty salon must be registered in such bodies :

  • Administration of the city or district;
  • SES;
  • Vodokanal;
  • Fire Department;
  • Power control.

In the future, these services also control the work of the institution.

In addition, that the room under the salon should look modern and presentable inside, and outside there are also demands from the SES, fire department.

It would be nice for a beginning businessman to get acquainted with the full list of requirements from SES, they are registered in San Pin 2.1.2631-10. For example, here are the most important excerpts from this document.

  • You can not use under the salons and hairdressing basements of houses;
  • it is possible to open similar institutions in former residential apartments, but only after transferring them to a non-residential fund;
  • the size of the room is not less than 14 square meters. m for the main hall and 7 sq. m. m for other rooms;
  • mandatory condition – the presence of sewage and water supply;
  • ventilation systems should not be combined with ventilation of residential apartments and public premises;
  • the interior walls should not be decorated with paper wallpaper;
  • The illumination of each workplace must be at least 40 lux.
  • entrance to the salon should be separate;
  • The room should be divided into the following areas: a reception room, a hall (male and female), a disposal room, a storage room, a dressing room, a shower and a toilet.

The following requirements are imposed on the equipment :

  • obligatory availability of passports, certificates and certificates for all supplied consumables, equipment, tools;
  • devices should be authorized by the Ministry of Health of Russia, otherwise their use is illegal;
  • all technical equipment must have warranty service, the contract serves as a certificate.

Linen (towels, negligees, aprons) should be in three sets. One is in the wash, the other is at work, and the third is replaced. You can sign a contract with the laundry, but recently it has become convenient to use disposable sets. You can order them from suppliers of consumables. They are inexpensive and solve the problem with hygiene.

Experienced hairdresser directors advise to introduce a special form for the staff. This will help support the working mood and the corporate image that customers like.

For SES should be prepared such documents :

  • magazines: sterilization of tools, general cleaning, work of bactericidal lamps, accounting of disinfectants;
  • medical books for every master;
  • agreement on exportation: garbage, hair, medical waste;
  • if there is no disposable linen, then the contract with the laundry;
  • documents for the ventilation system (certificate of acceptance of the transfer and passport);
  • contract with honey. the institution for the inspection.

In Pozhtehnadzor it is necessary to submit papers and documents for opening a beauty salon :

  • staff briefing log;
  • documents for fire alarm;
  • evacuation plan in case of fire;
  • order to appoint an employee responsible for fire safety;
  • plan of action of employees in case of object ignition;
  • document – the conclusion of firefighters.

We must monitor the constant changes in the rules and regulations of the inspection bodies. Therefore, the preparation for the opening of a beauty salon from scratch takes about a year.

In addition, you need to arrange a visitor’s corner, where should be: a book of complaints, trade rules, copies of permits from firefighters and SES, warranty periods, brochure with laws on consumer protection, work schedule, license.

If the cabin does not provide medical services, then licensing of activities will not be required.

How to choose a salon concept – types of beauty salons

open a beauty salon

How to start the opening of a beauty salon to a beginner business for women
First you need to think about the concept of the institution. In other words, to determine what services will be offered in the cabin, their level and class, how many masters it will take.

These questions will help answer marketing research – sociological surveys and other statistical indicators that give an idea of ​​the solvency and needs of future customers. A good variant of the study is to visit the nearest salons and find out how things are going there, to adopt positive techniques and draw conclusions about the demand for services.

One of my friends told me how they were often visited by rivals in the salon, everyone asked how and what, looked at the interior design, asked about the services provided. The fact is that after the opening of the beauty salon by my friend, the attendance of the neighboring salon fell sharply. As they say, everything is learned in comparison!

If you ignore this information, you can open a budget institution in an area where people are used to services provided at the highest level.

Beauty salons are divided into the following levels:

  • Economy option – salons that provide inexpensive services for manicure, hairdressing services, some cosmetic procedures. They are distinguished by inexpensive repair and equipment. Cosmetics are simple in composition and cheap. The level of qualifications of staff is low.
  • Business class – it’s already rooms with good finish. Services are presented in a wide range, but the prices for them are higher than in the previous version. Specialists are qualified at a decent level. Cosmetics of famous brands. Equipment and furniture are in the middle price category.
  • VIP-class, Suite, Prestige Such salons have the highest level of service. The decoration of the premises is expensive and presentable. Cosmetics are only elite class. A lot of services, as a rule, are performed at a high price by highly qualified masters.

Lux-class differs from prestige using unique methods in rendering various services. Accordingly, the prices in such salons will be higher. VIP – salons, as a rule, are of closed type. They differ in their individual approach to each client.

A beginner in the salon business is better not to think about the opening of luxury facilities, prestige or VIP. If only he does not have a well-known master or the brand has already been promoted.

Far-sighted, experienced entrepreneurs first open a budgetary version of the salon in one city. Then gradually, if things go up the hill, open several business class salons in neighboring cities. Masters are gaining experience and in parallel are constantly learning at the courses. The businessman has money to buy expensive equipment, and on the basis of the middle class he opens a luxury or prestige institution.

Now it is fashionable to call your beauty salon a “beauty studio” or a “beauty boutique”.

Requirements for the location of the beauty salon

open a beauty salon
Successful entrepreneurs in the field of hairdressing and salon business assure that 90% of success depends on the right place. How to open your beauty salon in a good place?

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the popularity of this place, that is its patency.
  2. It is important that there are no other similar salons with the same set of services.
  3. The entrance to the salon should be from the side of the carriageway, the sidewalk, but not from the yard.
  4. If you rent a room in a business center, it is not necessary to choose the first floors, the main thing is that the salon can be easily found. It is necessary to take care of the signboard not only outside the building, but also inside.

To open a salon in an apartment building, you need to ask permission from all tenants and fix it in writing.

The cost of rent in shopping centers, as a rule, expensive. Therefore, with all the temptation to create a salon in a crowded place, we must take into account some points:

  • Number of people coming to the shopping center;
  • The average price for goods in boutiques, and how it relates to the average check of the future salon; for example, if the hairdresser’s status is of an economy class, and the surrounding boutiques offer luxury goods, then renting in this shopping center is not viable.
  • The client flow in the shopping center is not the customers of the showroom, so to attract people you still need advertising and other tricks.

Beauty salons of the average level are better placed in the sleeping area of ​​the city. For the center, the opening of an institution with an extended range of services and a higher average check is suitable.

Equipment for beauty salon

open a beauty salon

The choice of equipment depends entirely on the choice of the institution’s concept.

For salons of economy class is minimal, what will be required is :

  • a chair swiveling for the client;
  • a large mirror;
  • Shelves and shelving for tools;
  • water heater;
  • a sink combined with an armchair.

If the salon has manicure services, then you should purchase :

  • Comfortable seats for the master and client;
  • table;
  • baths for hands;
  • a lamp with UV rays for drying the gel-varnish;
  • autoclave for sterilizing instruments.

Cosmetology services will require the acquisition of :

  • a special chair;
  • mirrors with shelves and backlight;
  • a refrigerator for cosmetic products;
  • a locker for tools;
  • special couch;
  • sinks with cold and hot water;
  • apparatus for conducting procedures.

To save money on the purchase of equipment, it is better to place an order through the Internet.

Consumables for beauty salon

open a beauty salon

For one experienced master hairdresser you need to purchase such a set of tools:

  • combs, different in form and purpose – 4 pcs .;
  • straight scissors – 3 varieties;
  • the machine for a hairstyle;
  • hair brushes – 3 pcs .;
  • Thinning scissors – 2 varieties;
  • a razor is dangerous – 1 pc .;
  • brushes for dyeing hair;
  • towels, napkins;
  • curling irons of different thickness;
  • hair dryer – 2 pcs.

Do not forget about all supplies: shampoos, liquids for coloring, curling, treatment.

Requirements for personnel in the beauty salon

open a beauty salon

There are no special requirements for the education of employees, if it is a question of not licensed household services of the salon – cosmetic and hairdressing (makeup, bikini design without wax, manicure, massage, eyebrow correction, etc.). Everything is at the discretion of the owner of the establishment. Is he interested in that the masters have qualifications and diplomas, or he recruits staff at his own risk and then follows his work.

As for the cosmetologist, the requirements are very strict. You can only accept a doctor-dermatovenereologist with a specialization in “Therapeutic cosmetology”. It can perform:

  • hardware tattooing;
  • deep and medium peelings with the use of chemical compounds;
  • rejuvenating procedures with injections.

The cosmetologist can work in the salon with an average medical education in the specialty “Nursing in Cosmetology”. On hands there should be a corresponding certificate. It performs the following procedures:

  • surface and chemical peels;
  • sparing hardware cosmetic procedures;
  • medical makeup.

All employees of the beauty salon should be provided with medical books. Guided in the work in terms of hygiene, they should SanPin and the rules of consumer services.

In the Regulation on licensing of medical activities there is an item according to which salons producing medical services must have a leader with higher honey. education.

In addition to the masters in the beauty salon, the following employees are needed:

  • administrator;
  • accountant;
  • cleaner;
  • client manager;
  • storekeeper;
  • security guard.

If necessary, then the seller, for the realization of means for the care of hair, skin, nails.

To reduce staff turnover, it is necessary to stipulate all conditions prior to hiring and adhere to such rules:

  • creation of a growth system for young professionals;
  • a permanent opportunity for masters to improve their skills;
  • to ensure that new masters have clients;
  • send experienced staff to master classes.

There should be an article of costs for training masters. This is important for the prosperity of the entire beauty salon. Specialists will be aware of all new trends and will be ready to meet all the needs of customers.

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon – total costs

open a beauty salon

How to open a beauty studio from scratch to make a profit? It is necessary to correctly calculate the total cost of starting a business. But the following question naturally arises: how to calculate how much it costs to open a beauty salon? Let’s take an example of the opening of a hairdresser’s class economy, we will calculate the approximate costs.

  • repair – from 150 thousand rubles;
  • purchase of furniture and equipment : hair dryer, sinks, clippers, armchairs, cabinets and the like – up to 300 thousand rubles;
  • cosmetic products (compositions for curling, styling, painting, shampoos) napkins, towels – all with a margin for 2 months – from 150 thousand rubles;
  • advertising costs : flyers, signs, banners – from 30 thousand rubles;
  • salary for employees (depends on revenue) – 40-60 thousand rubles;
  • services of the bookkeeper , introduction of taxes – up to 13 thousand rubles.

Total: about 700 thousand rubles.

Will the costs repay quickly? Cost of a hairstyle in such type of salon makes about 200-350 rubles. The price depends on the region of the Russian Federation. In addition, the masters perform – styling, painting, chemical perm. These services are more expensive from 500 rubles. If the institution is popular, then it is visited by 20 customers a day. It turns out, the revenue for the day will be from 4 to 10 thousand rubles. For a month – from 120 thousand rubles subject to a 7-day working week. If you take the minimum value, then the investment will pay off in 2 years.

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon of an elite class? Investments in this case will increase by two or three times compared to the usual salon. But the price of the service will be higher by the same amount. The payback period will be the same, if not faster.

In order not to work at a loss, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • The net profit of any service should be 30%, not less.
  • The number of regular customers after six months of the institution should be 60 percent of the total number of visitors.
  • If the sale of cosmetics, it should bring 20% ​​of the profit.
  • To calculate the salary the master uses the scheme: 10% of sales and 30% of the cost of the service. At the initial stages of the salon’s work, wages are charged regardless of the workload of the personnel. Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep masters.
  • Administrator as a bonus – 1% of the total profit of the salon.
  • When the norm of working out one master falls, it is necessary to check up, whether it does not work on itself, and whether there is at it a conflict with the administrator.
  • You have to be prepared for the fact that in the first months you will have to work at a loss – expenses will be more than income.

There are cases when employees replace expensive cosmetic products with cheaper ones or at least produce their inconspicuous plunder. To prevent such actions, you must strictly adhere to the norms of costs per customer. It is useful to make a daily inventory of consumables.

Is it profitable to open a beauty salon Unequivocally, yes, if a businessman has sufficiently studied the marketing plan, he knows what to interest the client, paid enough attention to effective advertising. In this case, the flow of customers will ensure a good profitability.

Business plan for a beauty salon

For work you will need to make a business plan for a beauty salon so that you have all the calculations before your eyes.

Also, you may need a business plan if you take out a loan to open or develop a beauty salon.

How to attract the first clients to the beauty salon

open a beauty salon

Consider 4 types of advertising that you can use for a beauty salon.

  1. Advertising booklets – must be beautifully and colorfully decorated. Distribute them better in nearby houses by mailboxes. Clients who live nearby are the most important, because they become permanent.
  2. The sign on the outside of the building must be located so that the name of the cabin can be seen from a long distance.
  3. Electronic directory 4 Geo and 2 Gis . You can add your beauty salon to these systems for free, and they will bring new customers.
  4. Advertising on local television . Advertise better any event, for example, share in the salon or its opening.

To work out the client base in the future, the best advertising for beauty services is “word of mouth”. Therefore, professionalism and creativity are important. The service should proceed according to the principle – the client is always right, so that a person wants not only to return to the salon, but also advises the services to his relatives, friends and colleagues.

Problems at the opening of the salon

Problems at the opening of the salon

To comprehend all the intricacies of opening a beauty salon, you need experience, and where to get it, if the businessman is a beginner. And at the opening stage he faces a number of wagons. Next, we will present the most common problems and ways, proposals for their solution.

Where to buy beauty salon equipment

It is best to attract special suppliers. They have all the documents confirming the safety and quality of the apparatus and other equipment. A businessman will not have problems when checking.

Search for masters in the beauty salon

To start, you need two professionals who will be able to implement the full range of services of the institution. In special schools, you can recruit young artists who are easily trained in a certain style. After the salon recruits the client base, and all systems will work stably, you can expand the number of seats and recruit more staff.

Obtaining permission from state authorities

To open a beauty salon you need permission from the Territorial Property Management, SES, fire inspection. How quickly to open your beauty salon from scratch, if you have to delve into all the nuances of collecting documents for these organizations and preparing the premises. You can apply to a specialized company that will take care of all the problems associated with the state authorities and the collection of documents for them.

Bad idea of ​​how much money you need to open a beauty salon

Often the entrepreneur does not know what real amount he will need and gets into an unpleasant situation with a shortage of funds at certain stages of the opening.

To answer the question of how much it is to open a beauty salon from scratch, you need to compile a detailed business plan. For convenience, hire a special company that will calculate all items of costs, risks and possible profits.

Correctly calculate the costs and then you will know how to open a beauty salon in order to profit.

The advantages and disadvantages of opening a beauty salon for a franchise

open a beauty salon

Opening a salon for a franchise or in a different way franchising is an opportunity to acquire the right to carry the name of the untwisted beauty salon.


  • the parent company provides the organization of work and a detailed business plan;
  • Sometimes the cost of advertising is also taken care of by the representative of the franchise.


  • clear compliance with the instructions of the main company;
  • the owner of the salon has practically no right to vote.

Another thing is when an entrepreneur himself understands the question: how to open a beauty salon from scratch and is the only leader who no one has the right to specify how to conduct business. But there is a disadvantage in comparison with franchising – a lot of competition because of the lack of brand promotion.

9 typical beginner errors when opening the salon

What is needed for the profitability of the beauty salon?

  • correct marketing;
  • advertising campaign;
  • business processes;
  • masters are professionals;
  • high level of customer service.

Often a visitor comes to a large beautiful salon with heaped equipment.

But there is not, no masters, no other customers. What can be the problem?

1 error: No promotion on the opening day

The entrepreneur opened the salon and hired craftsmen, but the client base has not been developed yet and the employees begin to leave for more developed salons. To avoid this, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to advertising at the repair stage in the room. Make it so that by the day of opening, there were customers. How to do it? Mass advertising campaign – that ‘s what it takes to open a beauty salon.

  • First, to create a website, on it to place all the services of the institution, profitable offers, the advantages of treatment, the description of the qualifications of the masters, tell us about the cosmetics you use.
  • Secondly, create a large banner at the entrance. It indicates the date of opening, shares, phone number. Flyers are being sent out with attractive offers of services for the open day, which are difficult to refuse. By the day of opening, you can get a good customer base.

2 error: Obsolete methods of rendering services

Salon services are developing very fast. There are new technologies, cosmetics and techniques. We must constantly keep up with the times and implement new ideas for the beauty salon. Customers are more willing to go to the salon with innovations to get better modern services.

3 error:  Ineffective advertising

Many entrepreneurs do not understand how to create advertising correctly. For example, the leaflet specifies a small percentage of the discount and many conditions to get it, it’s registration on the site, and filling out the form, and receiving a coupon. The second case, when the percentage of the discount is quite large and the validity period of the promotion is extended by several months. The client starts to suspect that the salon is not all right – bad equipment, unprofessional masters and stuff. Proper effective advertising is a whole science, which should be given great attention, it is better to hire professionals in this field.

4 error:  Unprofessional work of administrators

Administrators are the face of the salon. Their first impression of the salon depends on their work. These people should be suitable for the following criteria:

  • courtesy with regular and potential customers;
  • awareness of all salon services and all the features of their conduct;
  • well-delivered literate speech.

If there are problems with the arrival of customers in the salon, the advertisement is established, the masters work professionally, then the administrator’s work should be checked. To do this, just ask to call your friends in the salon and listen to how the conversation is. You can secretly invite your man to the salon and ask him about his impressions.

5 error:  Lack of corporate culture

If the cabin does not have certain rules, then in the team there is chaos. There should be prescribed all the rules: how to behave, how to dress, how to talk with customers. All these teams need to compose these rules. So that everyone would make his suggestions.

6 error:  No activity measurement of the interior

Key performance indicators are the value of the average check, the number of potential customers, how many people come to the day and what services, what days, the conversion of primary secondary customers. With any problems – you can always analyze this information and find the right solution.

7 error:  There is no personnel selection system

It is important to compose correctly the search for personnel. Even if the salon does not have a need for masters, the appropriate questionnaires must still postponed. There are times when the master suddenly leaves and you need to quickly find a replacement, so as not to lose customers.

8 error:  Invalid value pyramid

There are no other opinions – in the beauty salon the main masters. They work and provide money to the whole salon. In second place – customers. Often there are salons, where the masters do not have the right to vote, the managing staff prevails over all the staff. It must be remembered that the work of masters is creativity, and it depends on the mood and freedom. It is difficult to create when a person is constantly under pressure. This is felt by customers, and they stop contacting this salon.

9 error:  No salon position and individual approach to the client

In order for the client to feel most comfortable, client-managers are hired. These people not only record at the reception, but also talk in detail about the services, conduct excursions to the salon. Offering drinks and magazines boring customers in line. This is an important component – after all, the customer will necessarily return to where he was well received and served.

The concept of the salon is another method that can attract a client. It’s good to think up a story for the salon and arrange everything in accordance.

The secret of success in this type of business depends on whether the entrepreneur likes his business. It is better, if he himself will be a good master: a hairdresser, a beautician or make-up artist. It is important to start working in other salons, to understand the beauty business thoroughly and find your niche. The future businessman should understand that he can not live without a loved one and only then open his salon.

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