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Luminous paint for discs – Glowing paint for discs – business idea

Glowing paint for discs with fillers

Have you noticed the difference between cars on the roads of the 90s and between today’s? I mean, that before, that your car stood out among the others, it was necessary quite a bit. And today it is necessary to make a lot of efforts to create a “personality” for your car. One of the effective ways to distinguish your car is the luminous disks. The advantages of luminous car disks are a lot, but the main ones can be called improving the safety of auto-movement and repeatedly improving the appearance of the car.

To ensure that the car’s wheels are shone, there are 2 ways. 1st – use of LED backlight. Remember how in the mid-90s the backlight of the car was popular? Here the same principle. There are two possible technologies for installing LED wheel lighting – directly into the car wheel and the hood lighting. Plus the first option – the ability to change wheels, wheels and hoods, without disrupting the work of lighting. This technology has no special requirements – installation can be carried out on the street (if it is possible to make weather conditions). Luminescent paint for discs for you

The plus of the second technology is that the cost of such an installation will be small, accordingly, the costs will be less. Minus is the autonomy of each hood. Those. for each hood requires a separate installation, power supply (batteries), there are inconveniences when turning on and off the backlight. But this option is optimal for beginners – the simplicity of installation is amazing. All materials can be obtained without problems, special skills are not required.

The installation of LEDs on the wheels of the car is from 7300 rubles, and consumables will cost you 4000-4500 rubles. The cost of installation will depend on the set of services that you can provide the client, from the car brand, from the complexity of the installation and, of course, your reputation. If you want, you can only offer a set of supplies for self-installation. In this case, notify the client that responsibility for the result he incurs. Make a preliminary price list of your services so that your customers can at least approximately orientate themselves in the price.

The second option to make your car’s wheels luminous is painting. Luminous paint for discs – this is the usual paint, which includes Luminous paint for discs and caps luminophore. Luminophore is a white powder that has the ability to accumulate light during the day and give it away in the dark. Afterglow of the phosphor passes in 3 stages, and the duration of the afterglow depends on the manufacturer (in other words, on the quality).

After painting the discs with luminous paint, in the afternoon they will look whitish (white), and at night glows a yellowish-green, green-blue color depending on the type of phosphor. To give a different shade, the luminous disc paint is mixed with fluorescent fillers. With the use of these fillers, you can achieve any disc color.

As for the durability of discs painted with luminous paint – the answer is known. Luminophore has its properties for 100 years. If the fluorescent filler is added to the paint, the service life is shortened. Fillers have the ability to burn under the influence of sunlight. The burn-out period is about 3 years. The weakest link is the lacquer, which covers the disc. All that relates to its durability depends on the quality of the chosen varnish and is written on the label.

Original luminous paint for discs 15% of the filler is required from the amount of phosphor to give a luminous paint of a certain color. Do not forget about the lacquer – its amount should be much more prevalent amount of phosphor. The proportions, again, depend on the quality of the varnish. For painting metal surfaces (in our case, these are discs) it is better to use an aluminum-based phosphor.

You can calculate the approximate costs to get a luminous paint for discs (without fluorescent fillers): A phosphor with an afterglow of 8 to 12 hours will cost 6000 rubles / kg, two-phase varnish – 600 rubles / kg. The ratio of phosphor and lacquer should be ¼. Those. 6000 + 600 * 4 = 8400 rubles for 5 kg of finished luminous paint for disks. 5kg – this is enough to paint 100kv.m surface. Having carried out simple mathematical calculations, we get: the cost of painting 1 square meter will be 84 rubles, and the cost of 1kg of luminous paint is 1680 rubles.

If you decided to use luminous paint for discs, and not LED illumination, on cars alone stop. Although even in the car, apart from the discs, there are brake pads, hoods and other items that can be painted. Take on jewelry, painting car signs, painting clubs …. The options, in fact, a lot. Everything depends only on your desire and the flight of fantasy.


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