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How to Make Money – TOP-13 Proven Ways To Earn Money Quickly

How to Make Money  13 Proven Ways

Hello! Today you will learn how to make money for a beginner at home and not only. In this article I will give many different ways to earn money. All the below listed methods are working, they are checked by me personally.

How to Make Money - TOP-13 proven ways to earn quick money

Resale of goods on message boards

This way of earning money really works, because many people do not know the real value of the goods or just sell cheaply to get rid of this or that product more quickly.

Many collectors are similarly looking for unique products and are ready to offer good money for them. You will not believe, but things that have been stuck in the grandmother’s closet can benefit someone else, and you, thereby, get rid of junk and bring a good profit. Soberly evaluate the old things in your pantry and you will certainly earn money on their sale. Perhaps somewhere in the bins is the first Soviet camera, the Singer machine, a tablecloth with unique embroidery or a record player.

Some photo studios, as well as theaters and even hand-made maidens are looking for goods in this way and are happy to buy up interesting retrovshchitsy.

Avito can find many things that sell at a low price. You just need to buy and sell them more, and the difference in price is your earnings!

I’ll give an example from my life, because I’m talking about proven methods.

Once I accidentally saw how much the elk’s horns cost, the average price was 5000 r. Then I found the horns on Avito for 3000 rubles, bought them and after 4-5 days they bought them for 5000 on the same Avito. I just made a better photo and description. Net profit of 2000 rubles. for 5 days. I agree that it is not enough, but if this is done fully, then you can sell more.

Also, I tried to buy MacBooks in Moscow with Avito, and sell in my city, because in our city the ads are not enough and are more expensive, and in Moscow there are many and cheaper prices;) The conclusion is simple – you can earn money!

Shipping and payment:

  • In your city, you can sell through a personal meeting. In other cities, orders are sent by arrangement. But most often the Post of Russia. The cost of transportation is often borne by the buyer. But again, as agreed.
  • Payment can be accepted by cash on delivery or by transferring money to a bank card or an electronic wallet.

Sale of goods from abroad

Sale of goods from abroad

Also an excellent option, which I studied and continue to do, but already more formal and large. Now there are opportunities to buy goods from Taobao, Aliexpress, 1688 , etc.

There, almost everything is cheaper. You can just buy there and sell on the same message boards in your city. With Ebay and Aliexpress you can order absolutely in any city and any country, therefore this kind of earnings is available to everyone! I tried to sell a lot of goods, but now I’m dealing with bags from China, but this will be further.

My acquaintances sell covers for phones, other acquaintances sell unusual gifts and interior items, others sell iPhone and other Apple appliances. So try and you;)

In order to learn more about this, read the articles of the section “Business with China” .

Provision of services

All of us with you know something and these skills can be easily sold. If you know foreign languages, then you can teach it to others. Or for example you can repair plumbing, so why not do it for money.

Today, more and more girls prefer working with flexible schedules. What better way than not to regulate your working day. In the service sector, you can make good money on hairdresser’s art and make-up. Having passed special courses, more and more of my familiar girls earn manicure, depilation, hairstyles and make-up, preparing girls for important events (weddings, anniversaries, graduation, etc.). Providing your services is a great way to make money fast.

How to make money on this? Easily! Just start to tell everyone about your services, make your site, post an ad wherever you can and everything will go uphill;) Although what I’m telling …

For those who are interested in this topic, I wrote an article on how to start a business in the service sector . Read it, everything is arranged in steps! I also provided services for the development of sites, the setting up of contextual advertising and much more.

How to earn money on a website or blog

How to earn money on a website or blog

Making money on the Internet is easy, the main thing is to determine your niche: your website, blog, online store, selling goods from a single page , etc. But more about everything.

This is one of my favorite activities and for me it is not only money, but also a favorite hobby. This site-blog, where you are now, I am happy to lead and write articles for you, this is really my hobby. Also, I had and have blogs for earning, on which I earn money on advertising, on affiliate programs and so on.

Blog from the site is different in that most often it is tied to the author’s personality, his worldview and life position. It is worth noting that it is these blogs that are more popular. But not the last place in their promotion is seo-optimization. For more details, see “Promoting Business”.

A blog is an information site where you write interesting and useful articles on topics of interest to people. If your articles are well written, the search engines show them in the search results, thereby giving you visitors. But you can also independently promote your blog.

When you have a lot of readers on your blog, you can easily earn money from advertising on it, from affiliate programs or from placing links and paid articles. This is a working way to make money on the Internet.

If you are interested, then read the section on how to Generate money on your website .

Additional work

Additional work

If you work or study and your schedule allows you to do additional work, do not miss this opportunity. I, too, when I was a schoolboy and a student, also worked part time to earn money.

You can sit with children or work in a store for handling with payment at the end of the day, and you can perform work in your main field of activity. Roughly speaking, “levachit”, but not steal, but levachit, serve any customers independently, and not in a company that is officially working. Also there are many options for working off in your spare time as a courier and all sorts of unskilled jobs.

Additional work Proven!

  • If you are a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, then your knowledge is enough to give additional lessons to schoolchildren. The modern approach to learning foreign languages ​​through Skype lessons is an excellent opportunity to recruit a group of students not only in your city, but also in other localities.

You can pack your knowledge into a training course and, thus, sell it, getting it with good money. If the information you collect will help someone, then it will quickly disintegrate among potential customers.

  • As an additional earnings for prosperous people, during the financial downturn, you can organize the sale of seasonal products: “frost-bitten” in the autumn-spring period or flowers, on the eve of spring holidays, and live and artificial Christmas trees a couple of weeks before the New Year.
  • If you inherited from Granny’s apartment, then in order to earn money for its repair, you can, at first, rent it out on a daily basis or monthly.
  • If you live in a resort area, then organize a business for tourists. Tents with souvenirs and local products (honey, fish, sweets) will allow you to decently and really earn money during the influx of tourists.
  • And if you are the owner of a luxury luxury car, why not offer your services to the newlyweds for their escort on the significant day before the registry office or the banquet hall.

The receipt of dividends or interest on deposits also refers to additional earnings. But to begin with, they require some investment.

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Open my online store

Open my online store

After I started selling from China, I soon opened my online store. Thus, the second paragraph of this article can be legalized and make of this a full-fledged business. The online store is a fairly profitable business, quickly pays off, requires a small initial investment and is fairly simple in the organization. In general, you can earn a lot of money! At the start, you can work alone or with your wife, as I did. When the turnover increases, you can think of hiring employees (call center, driver, loader).

Now everyone is very actively buying on the Internet, besides, you can test a niche on some products by purchasing a small batch and selling it to Avito (point 1).

I already wrote an article on how to open an online store from scratch . You can sell almost anything in an online store!

Sell ​​products from single-page sites

Sell ​​products from single-page sites

Through sales through the  Landing page  you can quickly make a lot of money than with an online store. The whole point of earnings is that you analyze the demand, choose the goods for sale, test it for selling, create a landing page and sell all over Russia. This type of business is now in a trend!

Here’s a more detailed article about this: Selling from single-page sites .



In the continuation of sales in online stores and on message boards, it is worth mentioning that you can make different goods yourself and sell. There is such a project “Fair of Masters”, where they sell similar goods and buy them very well.

You can also sell your homemade products in the online store, in social networks and on message boards. Many people like something unusual and this topic works very well. Therefore, if you know how to make something or you are at all a master of all trades, then this is your kind of earning money!

How to make money on freelancing

There are many websites for freelancers (free workers), where customers leave various tasks from writing texts and designing logos to developing full-fledged websites. You can write texts, design, program, create, work with advertising campaigns on the Internet, promote websites and much more.

If you have any of the listed skills, then you are not wasting this paragraph. Freelancer can earn enough to leave a permanent job and work from home. But if you do not have the necessary skills, then the next item is just right for you!

Performing small orders online

Performing small orders online

Perhaps the easiest way to make money! There is one remarkable project of  Worksill . There, customers leave different kinds of tasks, for example: put ads on bulletin boards, come up with the name of something, make a logo, edit text, type text from scan copies, call customers, solve a mathematical problem, and much much more.

I myself leave tasks for the performers on Workplace and pay them money for it. Look at the examples of tasks and find interesting for yourself!

Purchase and sale of sites

Purchase and sale of sites

You can make a website for yourself and earn money on advertising, but you can buy ready-made undervalued sites and resell them. I have already sold a lot of Internet projects and I can say with confidence that this can be an excellent earning. I sell them to this day and this is one of the sources of my income.

If you are interested, then specifically for you I have an article on how to make money on the sale of sites .

Work in social networks

Work in social networks

Now there is a lot of work in social networks. For example, the design of groups and communities, blogging Vkontakte, the publication of comments and entry into various communities, an invitation to meetings, exchange of advertisements, search for advertisers and much much more. To do this, you need to write to community administrators and offer your candidacy. I will say for example that the editor of the community can easily receive 15,000 rubles. per month. And for this you need only to search and publish interesting content in groups. Like this!

There are also many services to making money in social networks. There you need to put the likes, make reposts, join the community, etc. Pay pennies, but on the Internet and cellular communications will suffice.

Sale of foreign services

Sale of foreign services

If you do not know how to provide your services, but you know how to sell well, then you can sell other people’s services and get partnership rewards for it. You can also sell other people’s products on the affiliate program. This is a good way of making money!

It’s easier to do if you have a website or subscription, or a group on social networks, or you are running a thread on the forum. But if you do not have one, then you can post links to the info or the service on forums, on social networks and if your links are selling, then you will earn money.

Also you can offer other people’s services offline. For example, I offered services to a company that helps to get a respite or release from the army. For each client I received, I received 2000 rubles. And since I was then of draft age, my advertisement was a story to friends and acquaintances. In a month I on the average resulted on 5-7 person. Count the profit yourself;)

To learn more about this type of earning money, read this

Flower Shop Business Plan With Complete Calculations

How can you earn

How can you earn

Well, now I will tell you about the ways that you will never earn.

Be careful! If you are looking on the Internet, ways of earning money, then you often get an advertisement of some quick money earning, such as pyramids, MLM, fast enrichment schemes and so on. Do not believe it! In many of them you are asked to invest a little money, then invite friends and acquaintances and for each come to earn. Mostly these are cheaters, in some cases you will sell crazy goods at high prices (in MLM often so do), the pyramids will collapse and you and your acquaintances will be left without money.

Also, there are all kinds of sites offering gold trading, but this is all lies and there are not earnings from gold, but also from invited people. In general, where you are asked to enter somewhere to pay money, then invite people, then most often it’s scam. Just remember one thing … there are no quick enrichment schemes, they just do not exist and that’s all, it’s a hoax!

You can not earn the risk of your health . This includes earning money on donating blood, putting trimmed hair and other absurdities and experiments that can offer you for money. All this is not worth it. Money you get is small, but the consequences can be very different.

Earnings on computer games . If you are a schoolboy or a slacker, then of course you can try to make money on this. But it is important to understand that you can spend a lot of time on this, but the result is not achieved.


Perhaps, I did not list all ways of earning money, but I listed what I’m really sure and checked on myself, what helped me out in a difficult moment, except for hand-maid. But more importantly, I warned you about all sorts of scammers in the last paragraph.

Turn on the brains! Quick and easy to make money will help you only your savvy! Therefore, we include imagination and forward! At one time, the tourists earned a decent sales of “sea air” and “therapeutic” mud. Good razvodilovo – quite good money!

It’s never too late to learn!  If your career is at an impasse, you feel desperate, then perhaps it is time to radically change your life ?! Get additional education or go through refresher courses, learn something new, fortunately, today it is easy to do, even without leaving home, through online learning.

Saving. Sometimes, in order to earn enough, simply cut your expenses. Have you tried to calculate your expenses for the month? I advise you to do this and you will be horrified how much you spend on unnecessary things.

What is left for you now? Try yourself in everything that is possible! The main thing is not to sit still, but constantly move forward and do, do, do, then you will succeed! Think broader, take risks, create your own business, test niches, in general move, and do not sit still;)

I await your additions, objections and questions in the comments! Thank you for attention!

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