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Making soap as a business – the first steps, a business plan

Soap making is a real work of art, in which there is absolutely all the space for your creativity.

Recently, soap making has been gaining momentum. This is certainly one of the great business ideas that exists at this point in time. If people are tired of everyday life, they immediately want to find exclusivity, and you will present this product to them in the form of a unique handmade soap. When you sell such a soap, you will give a special charm to the bathroom of your consumers who will not only be happy with the purchase, but will also possess an exclusive thing, since it was not manufactured on the conveyor, but by their own hands.

In this own created product , which you will do, will be enclosed the best ingredients and characteristics, and most importantly, everything natural. Soap has an unusual shape, insanely bright color and enriched with the best healing properties, thanks to natural fillers (dried plants, aromatic oils or spices). Those who bought handmade soap will surely be satisfied with the purchase, because it is a pleasure to use it. Moreover, such a soap can be used as a gift.

Making soap with your own hands

Hand-made soap – a craft known long ago. Previously, making soap with our own hands was a compulsory necessity, and now this craft has been transformed into art that gives joy to people.

The process of soap making takes place in stages. For the beginning, the base itself melts. It finely ground, then placed in a special dish and in it is melted in one of two ways – in a microwave oven or on a stove. You can add various additives to the already melted consistency, among which there may be aroma oils, perfumes, vanilla, tasty honey and so on.

Next comes the tinting of the base itself. For this, everything that comes to mind is used, trust fantasies, but necessarily natural – it can be natural natural dyes or food colors that are sold in almost any store.

Among the additives, there may be vegetable oil, various components for scrub like poppy seeds, sugar, crushed herbs, ground coffee and others.

The final stage will be pouring into matched shapes. In the role of form can be the most common child “pasochka”, plastic boxes or trays from butter or cheese, multiple silicone forms for baking, or you can even buy in specials. stores ready molds, but it will cost a little more.

Making soap from scratch in the home

Making soap from scratch means not just a simple matter, but as a result it will give you a unique product. The first step is to remove all food from the surfaces of your kitchen. Next, you need to cover the space with newspapers and prepare a bottle of cheap vinegar. By means of it, an accidentally sprinkled alkaline solution and / or a still moist soap mass are neutralized. It is important to ensure a large influx of fresh air into the room, where soap will be prepared. The recipe for cooking soap from scratch can be found on specialized websites or in printed publications devoted to this craft. Here is an example of a stage-by-stage prescription for preparing soap at home.

First you need to measure the right amount of essential oils and fats. Solid components, (palm oil, coconut oil, beeswax, etc.) and a portion of the liquid oils should be placed in a saucepan. All the remaining liquid oil is added much later, to speed up the cooling process of your melted fat. Now, you should wear rubber gloves, as well as safety glasses, to weigh the necessary amount of the desired caustic salt (which is a caustic soda). It should be noted that you can not inhale the rising dust that occurs when NaOH is poured from one container to another. All scattered crystals of alkali gently wipe with a rag. In this case it is hermetically necessary to close the vessels containing soda. Work carefully and with concentration. The exact amount of alkali is important with a small amount of soap being prepared.

The next point is measuring the required amount of almost icy water (tea, milk, coffee, etc.) can be used. Gently, with constant stirring, pour the crystals of NaOH into your liquid. Do not allow alkali to enter open areas of the skin. The liquid will gradually begin to set the temperature, gradually boiling with the resulting poisonous vapors, it is best to use mask-filters to protect themselves and in particular their airways. You can mix alkali in fresh air, before working the extractor or open window.

The alkali solution should be stirred until the water turns clear. It takes 1-2 minutes. It is important to consider that if you do not stir slowly or stop to take a breath of fresh air, very caustic soda can fall into the very bottom of the pan in the form of a white, but very strong layer. If this happens, you need to crush this layer with an interfering spoon and you can continue to stir the mortar for a certain time.

Note whether all the fats on your plate have melted and add the liquid oils that remained. Then prepare a mold for your soap: grate it with grease or cover with a normal frosting bag with a face to the outside, also prepare essential oils, herbs, additional oils.

Using a mixer or blender, and a mixing spoon, bring the soap solution to the density . The mixer needs to be turned on for no more than 1 minute. The task of these actions is not to allow the emulsion to be created, but to start the process of saponification itself. Besides this, the thicker the solution itself, the more difficult it will be to rotate the blades of the mixer, and with it the load on the motor is more.

All kinds of fragrances, various essential oils, varieties of dyes, herbs and moisturizing components like oils are already added at the stage, when the whole soap mass begins to thicken. This is noticeable when it receives the consistency of a baked pudding or a creamy soup in density. Who plans to prepare soap-confetti, it is possible to add different cubes of already prepared soap.

Remember that the added raw soap must be thick, so as not to damage and dissolve added your colored cubes, but also not quite hard to evenly distribute them over the entire surface of your soap. Proceed quickly, as the whole soap mass begins to cool down sharply.

It is necessary to fill in the previously prepared form with a thickened soapy mass, close everything with a dense lid and put it in an inaccessible place. It is necessary to impose a form with soap with the help of old unnecessary towels and rags.

Soap making at home is complete.

As for soap based on honey and / or milk, beeswax, etc. – everything is produced depending on the shape and the temperature surrounding you.

Set for making soap

Set for making soap can be purchased in soap stores. But it is much more interesting, and the main thing is cheaper to create it with your own hands. And it's not at all difficult.
We need a soap base, about 200 grams, soap color 2 x 1.5 g., Soap perfume 1 x 1.5 g., Soap form 2 pcs., A glass in which melted all soap base., stick for shredding the entire soap base, 2 pcs. Here, in fact, and all the ingredients for the creation.

The direct income of this business for the production of a unique soap will depend only on the master himself, on the quality of the finished soap, its unique design, and also its diversity. An important point is advertising of your product.

It is fair to say that at very many Internet fairs ordinary people realize ready-made luxury soap at rather low prices: a piece of soap in 50 grams – from 80 rubles, a 100-gram slice will be cost more, from 150 rubles. At the same time, more and more refined and unique soap products are much more expensive at the price, because they are sold from 200 rubles for one piece. The more interesting your soap, the more interest it will cause, the more consumers you will get.

Estimated costs

Soap making is a fairly profitable business with a low entry threshold. The main disadvantage is the high competition: the manufacturing technology is so simple, and the cost of all equipment and consumables is low, so anyone can take up making soap.

One of the advantages for a businessman is the lack of need for renting a room. Do soapping can be done at home, and sell products through the Internet or shopping networks. However, a full-fledged profitable business can not be carried out without a production and storage space, in which it is necessary to have equipment and store the received products. The approximate area of ​​the workshop should be about 15 sq.m, and the warehouse - 10 sq.m. Rent of the total area of ​​25 square meters will cost about 10,000 rubles a month.

The following equipment will be needed for soap making:

    • - 3 plates (gas) - 60,000 rubles;
    • - large pots 15,000 liters) - 10,000 rubles;
    • - various forms - 10,000 rubles;
    • - accurate scales - 5,000 rubles;
    - laboratory equipment and thermometers - 15,000

The total cost will be about 100 000 rubles.

For soap making it is necessary to hire 2 assistants working in shifts. The salary of each is 15,000 rubles.

As soap ingredients (per 1 kg): [soap base - 180 rubles]

    • - perfume oils and compositions - 10 rubles;
    - vitamins and fruit acids, vegetable fats - 10 rubles.

Accordingly, it turns out that the cost of 1 kg of soap does not exceed 200 rubles. However, if you use individual packages, the cost of 1 kg of soap is increased by 100 rubles (soap is cut into pieces of 100 grams, respectively, 10 packages worth 10 rubles each). When selling 100 grams of soap at a price of 100 rubles, gross profit from the sale of each kilogram will be 700 rubles. A small soap maker can produce and sell about 200 kg of soap per month, which will make it possible to extract a net profit of 100,000 rubles.

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