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How to open a restaurant from scratch – step by step instructions

Hello, dear readers. Today, let’s talk about how to open a restaurant from scratch. This article was prepared by representatives of the company Klenmarket in order to help the beginning entrepreneur in the opening of his restaurant. Also you can read the detailed business plan for the restaurant .

Open the restaurant from the ground up

The choice of an entrepreneur – open the restaurant yourself or use the “ turnkey ” service from a third-party organization. Specialized companies help to organize business in the HoReCa sector. They take on the issues of documentation, design, equipment selection. The process of starting a public catering establishment requires work experience and a professional approach. And any delay is an additional expense.

How to open a restaurant from scratch – a set of events

Concept development – is based on the analysis of a number of factors. The target audience is identified. Under it, the format is selected, the location of the object is taken into account. A concept consisting of three blocks is created:

  1. The idea is information for the guest, which forms an idea of ​​the institution. For themed restaurants, this is a legend – a real or fictional story. The marketing image defines the niche for the company.
  2. Format – choose their “place” both in the price category and in the way of service.
  3. Brand – name, marketing image, logo design.

Business planning has three goals:

  1. Business project evaluation – accounting for the number of seats and determining the rate of return of each of them, the indices of restaurant occupancy, mark-up, seasonal factor.
  2. Action plan for opening an enterprise – comparison of sales figures, parameters of the budget and profitability indicators.
  3. Search for financial assets – own investments, crediting, investment.

The premise – in the choice they are guided by the following conditions:

  1. Location – proximity to the center, office and shopping complexes, stations metro, passable streets and places of congestion.
  2. View – residential / non-residential, free destination / under the catering, shopping center / freestanding.
  3. Number of storeys – basement / basement, first / multi-storey.
  4. repair / re-planned the availability of communication networks, the number of entrances, the height of the ceilings.
  5. Capacity – increase if necessary.
  6. Price / legal conditions – lease terms and price per square meter per year, the possibility of extension of the contract.

Design and Design [19659010] – includes a complete package of drawings: architectural solution, engineering networks, electricity, layout of premises. 3D-visualization gives an opportunity to see all the nuances, to evaluate the idea created in the room, and not on paper. To develop zoning of a hall and kitchen taking into account space ergonomics. The technological project is a plan for arranging furniture and equipment. It indicates the sequence of production processes, the flow of lines, the permeability of the hall.

Equipment of the restaurant – supply of equipment, utensils, equipment and furniture is several months. Bar counter is made to order, which requires additional time. Therefore, the application for the package is placed at the stage of writing the project.

Obtaining documentation for putting the facility into operation – the list is adjusted by regional legislation.

  1. Registration of a legal entity – certificate, company statutes, taxpayer identification number, certificate of the statistics committee, for registration in the PF and MHIF, opening of a settlement account.
  2. Premises – legal document (lease / ownership), BTI approval, permission for public catering.
  3. Cash register machine – passport, registration card, a cash book with the stamp of IMNS.
  4. Licenses for trade in food, alcohol and tobacco products.

Menu – unusual recipes are sure to interest customers. You can make a signature presentation of classic dishes, and they will be remembered by guests. Competent course – the organization of a master class for staff, where they will be trained in working with professional equipment. The assortment is developed in several stages.

  1. Preliminary assortment
  2. Tasting study, quality assessment
  3. Statement
  4. Technological study with a photoset
  5. Creation of technological maps, pricing cards, pricing
  6. Forming a PAR-sheet (purchase ) and the selection of suppliers
  7. Design of the menu
  8. Introduction of technological maps to the automation system for creating dishes not included in the menu.

The advertising campaign – is necessary to create a profitable restaurant. But the media plan is an individual matter. And for each restaurant it is worth choosing your tactics.

  1. Outdoor advertising (in transport, pillars, signs, signboards) – is located in places where potential customers gather. It represents a certain route that will lead the guest to the restaurant.
  2. Internet advertising. A modern client is a network user. In the virtual space, the guest will read reviews, description of the institution. A well-designed website will also attract attention.
  3. The media and PR-radio advertising helps inform about the entertainment program and promotions. News tapes in print media form the image of a cafe.
  4. Printed (POS) materials – trivia informing and reminding about your restaurant: business cards, pens with logo, flyers and booklets.
  5. Еvent-marketing – internal events and loyalty programs.

How much does it cost to open a restaurant

All without exception, beginning entrepreneurs are asking the question of the cost of organizing the business sector HoReCa. The restaurant is characterized by a wide range of dishes and drinks, high level of service. It is important to match the status, because the contingent of the institution is defined.

In the megalopolis, the amount of financial investments is about thirty million rubles. Each case is individual, has its price. It determines the rent, the need for repair and redevelopment, the work of designers and designer, the production cycle of the enterprise, equipment. On average, a square meter of usable area costs 1000-1500 $. Consider the list of expenses. As an example, take a restaurant with an area of ​​250 m² for 80 seats.

Expert business support (consulting)

  • Restaurant concept – 25-35 thousand rubles.
  • Business planning – 55-65 thousand rbl.
  • The assortment of dishes – from 500 rbl. Selecting a room
  • Personnel selection and training – 10-20 thousand rubles


  • Rent per year – 2.5 to 25 million rubles
  • Full design – 162 500 rubles
  • Full design – 262 500 rubles
  • Finishing – 375 thousand up to 3 million 750 thousand rubles

Equipment of the restaurant – 3 407 234 rubles

  • Equipment (thermal, refrigerating, electromechanical, neutral) -1 563 540 rubles
  • Tableware (kitchen) – 88 780 rubles.
  • Tableware (canteen, including knives and glasses) – 323 210 rubles.
  • Inventory – 42 263 rub.
  • Serving items – 178 503 rubles
  • Un the form of cooks – 13 180 rubles.
  • Furniture – 1 001 740 rubles.
  • Automation – depends on the chosen program “1C: Restaurant”, R-Keeper, Iiko – 30 to 120 thousand rubles.

Brand Promotion

  • Signature design – the price depends on the chosen design – roof installation, light box, LED signboard, pylons, steles etc.
    • Corporate identity – logo, business cards, menu and other printed products – 30 000 rubles
    • 19659012] Advertising – outdoor, interior, print, media, BTL

    Staff – should initially work on the project. The chef himself forms a team. The choice of equipment also often falls on his shoulders. The costs associated with the formation of wages grow in proportion to the profitability of the institution and depend on the staffing schedule.

    • The chef – 50 000 rubles, with the name – from 10 thousand dollars.
    • Director – 100 000 rubles.
    • – 50 000 rubles
    • Sous-chef – 25 000 rubles
    • Cook – 18 000 rubles.
    • Kitchen workers – 10 000 rubles.
    • Waiters and bartenders – 12 000 rubles.

    No a certain template to open the restaurant. In each case, we need an individual approach. The organization of business from scratch implies the existence of additional items of expenses related to obtaining permits and preparing the premises. However, this time-consuming process can be eliminated in all respects. Use the service of a third-party organization to launch a restaurant on a turnkey basis.

    How to make money at a restaurant, bar, cafe

    Seasonal factor

    The peak of work at the tourist center is in April-September. They win European restaurants, sushi bars and pizzerias. Receive revenue in the season, subject to basic rules.

    • Menu – replace the standard card with offers with a small number of positions within the concept. The function of promoting the “right” dishes is laid on the waiters. The main thing is that the recommendations are not intrusive. Focus on low-cost food, which is easy to prepare and quickly serve. As a result, the kitchen is simplified, customer service is accelerated. In addition, the compact menu helps to manage the level of stocks, minimize costs, exclude the appearance of a stop list.
    • Bar chart – turnover growth determines the speed of sales, so complex cocktails are better to replace, leaving a couple of bestsellers for regular customers.

    Serving tourists is necessary for 5-7 minutes. Otherwise, you risk losing customers, so the traveler does not have free time.

    Marketing for local residents

    According to statistics, the lion’s share of regular customers lives in close proximity. Therefore, the work strategy focuses on a specific area. There is no point in telling people about your café, if they come to you, only out of curiosity. As a result, they prefer a bar next to the house. Profit is formed on regular customers. Therefore, your task is to create an incentive for return. Loyalty cards still work. A good move is the organization of thematic evenings: literary, musical, gaming, the corresponding ideas of the institution. Typically, owners of coffee houses, restaurants of Italian or Mediterranean cuisine resort to such marketing chips.

    Storming costs

    Any restaurant can suffer a disaster. There are many reasons for this. We will not dwell on them. We’ll see how to stay afloat and get out of a difficult situation.

    The owners of beer bars, steak houses, fish restaurants, where the average check is not affordable for everyone, sometimes face a drop in demand. The main thing is not to panic, to work systematically. To begin with, fixed costs are analyzed. You can ask the landlord to revise the contract for the time being. If one resorts to this practice once a year, unstable financial moments are eliminated.

    Reduce the cost of products by crushing suppliers. This minimizes the shortage of goods in the kitchen, will create a pricing policy. The world practice shows the effectiveness of a small, managed menu with the inclusion of seasonal products to control the cost.

    For example, if you own a FISH house, update the menu to take into account the catch of a particular fish. While maintaining top positions. This applies to bakeries, where there is fruit and berry pastries. In the summer and autumn, the products for the filling are much cheaper, which helps to save, create a material reserve in case of a dead season.

    Satisfied and regular customer is the result of the correct work of the restaurateur, his team. Follow the established rules, resort to the help of professionals, and your business will be successful, sustainable and prosperous.

    Now you know how to open a restaurant. If you have any questions, please write in the comments!

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