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Opening the Baby Clothing Store Business Baby Store

Baby Clothing Store Business

Millions of babies come to the world every year. This means that; most of the parents are looking for stores to buy baby clothes, toys and other essential items.People have only one area where they do not give up money, even if they spend most of their expenses. Parents do not hesitate to spend on newborns, especially when they have children. Opening a baby store is a profitable venture and can be opened in different shapes. But before you open your store, you should plan your venture carefully.Opening the Baby Clothing Store Baby Cloths baby store

How to open a baby clothing store?

Set a profitable market for your baby store. You can sell organic baby clothes, second-hand baby clothes or custom baby clothes. Profit margins will determine your target market or destination.

Find your name for your baby store. Make sure that the target market you are looking for is appropriate. For example, if you sell environmentally friendly baby products, try to find a name that shows your sensitivity to the environment.

Get the necessary licenses and permits for your baby store from the relevant public institutions. Do not forget to get your tax code and register your store name.

Decide when to sell your products. You can sell your products at shops, flea markets, small shops in shopping malls or online shops. If you want to sell online, you need to get a domain (domain name) and an e-commerce solution package with web hosting, shopping cart, software and templates you can design.

If you are going to open an online baby store and do not have a large space to store your extra items, rent a place where you can store your products. A commercial warehouse or clean empty place will see your business.

Buy baby clothes and buy them. If you buy your products wholesale, the costs become more affordable for you, and you can earn money by raising your prices while doing your sales.

Join relevant retail associations. You can contact suppliers on this page, get marketing and business tips from your colleagues, and win new customers.

Make a presentation of your baby store. Create memberships on social networking sites, create an introductory blog, advertise on popular web pages frequently used by new and experienced parents, give discount coupons to nannies and kindergartens, or organize events for parents in your store.

Conditions for opening a baby store

1- Application / Declaration Form

2- Copy of Tapu

3- Copy of the Tenancy Agreement

4- Numerical Certificate

5- Copy of Tax Registration

6- If it is a person (Chamber Registration Certificate and Craftsman Registration Certificate – It is obligatory to present the original)

7- If the company is (Trade Registration Certificate and Chamber Registration Certificate – it is obligatory to present the original)

8- Signature Circulars (if the Company)

9- 2 photographs (if the person)

10- Photocopy of the ID card (ID number of the Republic of Turkey)

11- Fire Brigade Compliance Report

12- Fire Tube Provision (6 kg per 100 m2) (in establishments where no Fire Brigade Compliance Report is required)

13- Mastery Certificate (Patisserie, Restaurant, Kebab, Restaurant, Barber and Barber)

14- C.TV Photocopy of Receipt (Last paid)

15- Decision taken by the floor owners in case of opening of the sanitary workplace in the independent sections of the immovable properties covered by the Law on the Ownership of Buildings (Law 634)

Note: These conditions are for information purposes only and may vary from municipality to municipality. Please contact the relevant municipality for precise conditions.

Cost of opening baby clothing store

The most important factors affecting the cost of opening a baby store are the size of your location and your store. In addition to these, the number of people you will sell in your store, your clothes, the decoration of your store and the number of people you work with in your store can make the cost very variable. The average cost can be up to 100.000 TL starting from 15.000 TL. For a definite cost, you can write reviews about the store you want to open. Our specialists will do the calculations for you.

Also, if you want to establish a low-risk business, it is also possible to get a dealership from the dealership firms . We will continue to share your most profitable business ideas . Everybody makes a lot of money

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