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Poultry Farming Business Start Your Own Poultry Farm

Poultry Farming

We are getting questions about how long poultry poultry can get started and for this reason we decided to write a business plan for you. In this article we will share with you strategic information on how to start from scratch and how to grow your poultry farming business.

Poultry Farming

Establishing poultry farming is a business idea we offer to individuals and pensioners who will enjoy playing with livestock. In the past people used to feed the birds to make profit and the fields did not deal with bread. However, since the entrepreneurs in the global world realize the demand for food to feed the population, they also recognize the importance of meeting the most basic needs of people. Establishing poultry farming is a very profitable and satisfying business. By reading the following article, you can understand why this is a profitable business.


3 factors that make poultry business profitable

There are many reasons to make poultry business profitable, but we will underline the three most important for you:

Food is the basic needs of people. Whatever the economic situation, humans have to nurture and opening a chicken farms is one of the suitable business ideas because some bird species can be consumed.

The positive effects of red meat on human health are also accompanied by a demand for white meat, which is provided from chickens.

We will tell you how to start this step by step without spending your time.


How is the poultry farming established?

1 – Identify your niche

The poultry industry is quite broad. There are many sub-sectors that you would like to take advantage of in the poultry sector. Some of the niches in the poultry sector are as follows:

Egg production (laying bird production)

Meat production (broiler chicken production)

Chicken breeding (hatchery)

Poultry feed production

Poultry equipment manufacturing

Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing


2 – What kind of birds will you focus on?

Poultry farming is classified according to certain species of birds:

  • Domestik poultry or chickens (laying hens and broiler chickens)
  • Turkey
  • African hen
  • Pigeon
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Peacock bird
  • Quail

But we will focus on eggs and meat production in this article.


3 – Farm opening cost

The starting capital for poultry farming is highly variable. The scale varies depending on the farm and the technology used. Opening a small-scale farm behind your home ranges between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000. Opening a medium-sized farm is between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000, while opening a large-scale farm requires an initial capital of over $ 30,000. As we have already mentioned, capital depends on many scales.


4 – Farm place

A good location is of great importance for your farm’s success and profitability. The ideal farm location should be large and at the same time be a place with less population density. We recommend that you do not open your farm in settlements because of the bad smell caused by the production, which may make the environment uncomfortable, which may lead to the closure of your farm after a while.

5 – Accommodation of birds

There are 3 ways to place your birds. These:

Large-scale systems: row and slot units

Semi-intensive systems: standard semi-dense units and haystacks

Intensive systems: deep bases, wire and wooden floors, haystacks, cages

You need to pay attention to productivity and productivity if you operate a commercial farm. Then imagine how you can install chickens using intensive systems. The three systems mentioned above have their own advantages and disadvantages. Finally, do not forget that the building must be built at an angle, taking into account the need for sunlight and wind.


6 – Farm equipment and tools i

You will need the following equipment:

Feed containers

Water containers



Caged boxes

Lighting systems

Waste Liquidation System


Heaters or chick expansion machines

Egg tray

Cages and poultry


7 – Planned investment return

The incubation period for Domestik birds is twenty-one days. You can sell birds at the earliest eight and twelve weeks, but full maturation will be twenty and twenty-four weeks. The poultry payback period is between three and five years.


8 – Employment of poultry farming and human power

If you use technological equipment while operating poultry farming, you will not need much of your work power. The man you need for employment will depend on the size of your human power farm. But there must be someone who understands daily farming. We recommend that you have employees who have already worked on the farm and who understand from birds. You may also need a security officer to monitor the entry and exit of people, and most importantly, thieves. If you need anything other than those mentioned above, you will get extra staff.


Five difficulties in opening poultry farming

Poultry farming is one of the most important and profitable jobs in countries where the population is intensive . But there are risks and difficulties in this business as well as in other businesses. Do you want to get into this business but learn the risks and challenges of it? Then keep reading.

1- The poultry business has a long payback period

2-Labor is the source

3-Pests and tears cause large-scale loss

4-High initial cost

5 – As in other jobs, poultry needs adequate and appropriate capital. That is why you can not start livestock farming without adequate capital. You can not survive without adequate capital, but if there is sufficient capital, it will be easier to manage the business. For this reason, we recommend you do financial analyzes that we recommend, and make sure that you are in cash because there is nothing that makes an operation soak faster than money.


Prevalence of diseases

When the environment is polluted, it becomes inevitable in diseases and infections. Birds such as chickens are very susceptible to environmental changes. Chickens become vulnerable to diseases such as bacterial infections if the environment is not suitable for the care of animals. Make sure the air is clean and free of viruses. Stay away from broken equipment, vehicles and shoes. At the same time, prevent the walker from entering and be sure to sterilize your hands before touching the birds.


Inability to find and get vaccinations

This challenge particularly affects small-scale farms because, unlike industrial or commercial farms, small-scale farm owners can not afford the costs of farming.


Fake and high cost feeds

Poultry feeds are costly and birds consume too much food. For this reason, many of the farmers use their feeds sparingly. At the same time, fake (mixed) feeds on the market are another issue that challenges entrepreneurs.

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