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Small business at home – 50 business ideas at home

Hello. In this article we will talk about small business at home and bring the most working and relevant ideas of home business. And you want to ask to supplement this list in the comments, suddenly we missed something.

In a difficult economic situation, each person is looking for additional sources of income. In this article, we’ll look at the most current ways to earn a home by starting a Small business at home.

I want to say a few words about the relevance of such ideas. Crisis is a difficult time for any citizen of the country. Decrease in purchasing power, reduction, dismissal. Anyone can become a victim of the system, but in no case should one get upset and down, because there is always a way out, you just need to try to change your life for the better!

For someone, the idea of ​​business seen in households will be an additional source of income, for someone – the main place of work. The main thing is not to be afraid, to act and choose for yourself what really suits you! Listen to yourself and act!

Benefits of home business

I would like to mention the advantages of this kind of work. These include:

  • Independence. You plan your day yourself, schedule your work. You can always leave time for urgent business.
  • Saves time. You work for the result, there is no need to “sit out” the required hours. You yourself are the blacksmith of your working day.
  • No need to pay rent, allocate funds for salaries to employees or pay for travel to work.
  • Own independence. There is no need to coordinate your actions with anyone. You decide what to do and when.
  • Great opportunities. Of course, much depends on you. With concentration, great efficiency, you can count on high financial profit by the total.

Let us proceed to consider the possibilities.

Earnings or business on the Internet

Earnings or business on the Internet

Today, work on the Internet is a common thing. Although just 10 years ago this seemed to many impossible. Work on the Internet surprises with its diversity. So, we present you the most actual ideas for earning on the Internet:


Writing texts. For this kind of work you do not need much. Today it is absolutely not necessary to be a philologist to write. If you have a huge desire, at least a medium knowledge of the Russian language, then such work may suit you. Do not forget that you can check yourself for errors today with Word, special sites such as Gramota.ru and Orthogram. All of them are free and will not require investments. You will not need initial capital either, but enthusiasm is highly desirable. There are many exchanges where you can start working. There is no fee for registration. When you reach a certain level of income, you can become an IP . Here is a living example of earnings on copywriting .

Placement of your own literary works in various article stores and online magazines

There will not be a start-up capital investment, but the writing skills will be necessary. Unfortunately, you can earn a lot on such resources without the untwisted name. There are no licenses and restrictions here either. If you have the talent of a writer or poet – this option will help you not only to get income, but also to be realized!

To the same kind of earnings can be attributed and electronic libraries, where you can publish your work. Thus the author receives the certain income from each viewing.

Creation, promotion and filling of sites with necessary content

In this case, special skills are required. So, to create a website you need knowledge of programming and design or skills of using specific platforms. For promotion, you need at least a starting understanding of what seo-optimization is, why it is needed and how to apply it to promote the site. But almost anyone can publish content. Here you only need to be able to work with the site through the admin panel. I must say that this kind of work is especially relevant today, because the number of users is constantly growing, which means that you can earn money on websites.

Creating your own information site or blog and promoting them

This process is more labor-intensive than working with a foreign site. Here it is necessary either to have the appropriate knowledge, or to involve content managers, programmers, designers, seo-optimizers. If you do it all yourself, then the initial investment will be small, they all go to the promotion of the site, its advertising. At the same time, you need to understand that it’s unlikely that you will get a big profit right away. But if you work with professionals, you have to spend a lot of money on creating and promoting the site. Here you can not manage 20 thousand. You’ll have to save a certain amount of money first, and then create a website.  Here is a selection of articles on earnings on its website .

Content manager, moderator

Approximate investments: no attachments.

Such work today can be found in groups of social networks, in various forums. Initial investments will not be required, but without a corresponding portfolio for such a job you are unlikely to take. In the first case, you need to be able to select the content suitable for a specific target audience, and in the second – to be restrained, to have certain knowledge. The moderator is usually engaged in discipline (removing spam, preventing abuse, editing messages, etc.), and can also answer visitors’ questions. Of course, you do not need any licenses and permits for such activities.

Opening your own online store 

Approximate investments: from 70 thousand rubles.

Here it is more about creating single-page sites. It is better to begin with such people. What do you need? Actually the site with the catalog of goods, suppliers of the goods (it can be both Russian manufacturers, and suppliers from China, for example), the debugged delivery system. The latter will not be necessary if the work is carried out in a certain territory or orders are not so much and you will independently send the necessary goods. The initial capital will largely depend on the sphere in which you will work. But you need thousands of 70-100 for sure. For many niches, this amount may be several times larger. Here is a selection of articles on the opening of your online store .

Earnings in affiliate programs 

Approximate investments: no attachments.

If you have your own website, a blog, a popular page, then this method is ideal for you. The costs here are absolutely none, and the profit can be very significant. And you do not need to do much. By placing affiliate programs in your blog or website, you attract additional customers to the company, which in turn pays you a corresponding reward. Such work can be found on many freelance exchanges. Here is a detailed article on earnings on affiliate programs .

Earnings on Youtube

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

You can create your own channel on Youtube and earn on advertising. We even wrote an article about how to make money on Youtube .


Approximate investments: are required, depending on knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Here we are talking about different kinds of video courses. And they are in demand in very different areas. Who can record such videos? Anyone who has knowledge and skills in a particular field. Here the success will depend on the submission of material and the promotion of your own videos. You can do this simply and through YouTube, and through the site (a free promo video will attract potential customers and they will want to buy a video course). Initial capital will be needed to purchase supplies and promote websites. Who can shoot such video lessons? It can be an experienced lawyer, an accountant, and just a woman who loves cooking, sewing, making handicrafts, knowing how to look after themselves. In short, everyone can realize here. This type of business is very relevant, but at the same time it is not easy, as it will have to face high competition.

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Professional Services

We are talking about services, for the implementation of which you need knowledge in a specific industry and experience in it. So, here are the most relevant of them:

Locksmith, plumber, electrician, turner

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

We have united these specialties in one group because of similar specificity of work. What do you need? Knowledge in a particular field, work experience, tools necessary to carry out work. If there are no tools, then they will have to be bought. On average, this will have to spend from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. Similar services can be provided to neighbors, relatives, friends. If the clients do not have enough, then you can advertise on the Internet, post ads on the nearest houses. Another option is to provide one-time services to companies (for example, those who are engaged in repairs). These types of work are always relevant, because people are constantly breaking something, they are doing repairs. This ensures a high demand for the service.


Approximate investments: no attachments.

To work as a tutor, you need special knowledge. Today they are in demand among schoolchildren, students and adults. Their main task is to improve their own skills. It is important to orientate yourself in the taught subject perfectly, in order to transfer your knowledge to others. In this case, you can not only teach yourself, but also build a team of tutors and be their intermediary. There are a lot of opportunities today. It is not necessary to invite students to your home. Courses can be conducted through video communication, for example. This method at the moment is very in demand.

Performance of works for students

Approximate investments: no attachments.

This kind of work has always been in demand. To provide these services you will need a fairly deep knowledge of individual disciplines. Higher education is also necessary, especially if you work through an agency (they always collect data of this kind). You can carry out similar activities through special websites, freelance exchanges. Although of course, directly working with students is more profitable. If your work is like one, then he certainly will advise you as an excellent specialist to his classmates and friends. In this case, you do not need to invest. To reduce your risks, you should ask for an advance payment or partial payment for the work done.

Music lessons

Approximate investments: no attachments.

Such work will not be suitable for everyone, because professional skills will be required. There can be several formats at once – singing lessons, lessons on certain instruments. Today the most popular instruments are guitar, piano and violin. To work necessarily special education (music school, at least, conservatory – the ideal option) and talent. If you play well on something, then for sure this tool you already have. This means that costs are not required. But to make lessons for your students will be necessary. Such activities can be conducted at home. In an hour you can earn from 500 to several thousand rubles, depending on your skills, education and client’s trust.

Translation services

Approximate investments: no attachments.

Here you can not do without the knowledge of the language. At the same time, their level will vary depending on the complexity of the source texts. Here you need to be not only literate. Specialized terminology knowledge in specific professional fields is welcomed. What can be translated? These are articles in specialized magazines, news for websites, and documentation. Such a work of initial investment does not require, apart from profound knowledge of the language. The cost of remuneration largely depends on the rarity of the language, its exoticism. So, for the transfer of 1,5-2 thousand characters (about a page), you can save about 500-1 000 rubles, sometimes more. 


Approximate investments: no attachments.

This is a very specific and very creative profession. In addition to knowledge and skills, a natural sense of style, artistic taste and ability to draw will be required. Experience in various graphic editors is also welcome. There are a lot of opportunities for this profession. What can I draw? Advertising brochures, banners, various posters, business cards, logos. When working with different ateliers and shops, you can create sketches of clothes, shoes, accessories. You can deal with simple processing of photos, but you need to have a good command of graphic editors. The chance to get a good and well-paid job is greatly increased if you have a detailed resume and a portfolio with the work completed. This will allow the potential customer to assess the level of skill.


Approximate investments: no attachments.

To work you will need a professional apparatus, different lenses, knowledge of photography, skills of working with graphic editors to process the received pictures. Here you can go a few ways. Conduct photo sessions, exhibit photos of nature, animals, the city and other things on special photostocks. One photo session costs about 1000-2000 thousand rubles, and even higher, if the photographer is famous. If you work with a bank of photos, then you can not earn much immediately. There, the price for a photo grows with time. So, for the first photos you will receive about 60-80 rubles, and after 100 sold images the cost can reach 150 rubles.


Approximate investments: no investments

For work you will need skills of work or with publishing packages (if you work with a printed publication), for example QuarkXpress or AdobeInDesign. If the layout is carried out on the Internet, then you need to be able to work with the CMS. To find customers it is worth to acquire a portfolio, this will increase the chances of receiving high-paying orders. This work is mechanical, some creative skills will not be required. Only accuracy and assiduity are important. Imposers are required in various media. The average cost per article on the Internet is 200 rubles. If you have work experience in this area, you can make about 20 articles a day.


Approximate investments: no investments

This profession is similar to copywriting, but it requires profound knowledge of the language, ideally – philological education. You will also need skills in MSWord. Today, a professional editor can receive about 30-70 rubles per 1,000 characters. But here you need a good portfolio, a resume and a confirmation of education, but you will not need to get any licenses. You can work with your favorite subjects. If these are highly specialized articles, then additional knowledge or experience may be required (construction, for example). It is better to work in one direction, improving your skills over time.

Online Counseling

Approximate investments: are required, depending on knowledge, skills and capabilities.

What can you advise people about? The niches most demanded are: legal, accounting and medical. We need professional knowledge, education, theoretical and practical skills. The initial costs include the promotion of your own site, blog, page. Consultation can cost from 300 to 3-4 thousand rubles. It is very important to prove yourself to potential clients. This can be attributed to the work of a personal dietician or fitness instructor. In the latter case, you can conduct lessons on video communication.


We identified outsourcing in a separate group not by accident. Today, this is beneficial to many companies. They do not have to hire employees for a specific job and pay insurance premiums for it. Only the services provided are paid. And the entrepreneur himself pays taxes and insurance premiums for himself. At the same time, he can work with several companies at the same time, which significantly increases his income. Let’s dwell on the most popular forms of outsourcing:


Approximate investments: no attachments.

This form of outsourcing ranks first in popularity. At the same time, the responsibility lies with the customer himself. To work in this area, it is necessary to create an accountant, knowledge of the latest changes in legislation. It is very important to be aware of the events in order to do your work correctly. No initial costs are required. It will be important to have the skills to work with professional programs, such as 1C Accounting. Today, there are the following options for interaction with customers:

  • reporting for the enterprise;
  • accounting of the organization;
  • full service (it is the most expensive and energy-consuming).


Approximate investments: from 20 thousand rubles.

This type of outsourcing is also very in demand. You need higher legal education, work experience, knowledge of legislation. To advise the organization it is possible by phone, on the Internet or at a personal meeting. In the beginning, you have to spend money on promoting your own name. The amount here will depend on how effective the promotion tools are. About 20 thousand for the first time will abound. One can not only answer questions and help resolve difficult situations, but also draw up legally competent documents. Here you can include lawsuits to the court, lease agreements, purchase and sale, and many others. Such services are very relevant today.

Operator’s or call center

Approximate investments: no attachments.

Such services are not as often needed as the previous two. Search for customers better yourself. Cleaning companies or those engaged in transportation can be called. Your work will consist of accepting orders, complaints, advising on emerging issues. At the initial stage, you will have to devote a lot of time to studying the specifics of the industry. Professional skills will not be required, like education. The ability to speak, pleasant speech and voice are encouraged.

Services provided by clients at home

This group requires detailed consideration. Presented services differ in that they are provided at home by clients. So, here are the most interesting and popular today:


Approximate investments: no attachments.

Such work is more suitable for women. The undoubted advantage will be the availability:

  • pedagogical or psychological education;
  • their children;
  • work experience;
  • opportunities to work in the evening or on weekends.

You do not need to issue any licenses or get permits. But to get recommendations from past employers will be superfluous. For an hour of such work you can earn about 150-200 rubles. With additional skills and a high level of professionalism, you can get many times more.

Personal Father Frost

Approximate investments: from 50 thousand rubles.

This name is conditional. Sense – in an interesting leisure time, not only for children, but sometimes for adults. You can also include the leading events here. Professional knowledge is not required, but artistry, the ability to speak, submit yourself – the key factors of success. Initial costs will include purchasing the necessary attributes and promoting their own services. Capital in the amount of 100 thousand will be enough, you can do and smaller investments.

We must not forget about the planning of the work – we will need to keep a diary. If you yourself do not want to work, you can find your own mini-group, which will hold the holidays. In this case, the props will have to spend a little more. If you do not have creative skills, then you have to spend money on the script. A good program is not cheap (at least 3-4 thousand rubles). Large-scale work will require the purchase of sound equipment and a car, on which it will need to be transported. In this case, the costs will seriously increase (about 300-450 thousand rubles). The office is not needed in principle. All negotiations can be conducted in a neutral territory, on the Internet or by telephone. Be sure to pay attention to quality, satisfied customers can become regular users of your services!


Approximate investments: no attachments.

This involves cleaning not only the house, but also the surrounding areas (for example, washing the outer windows of a high-rise building). You can start working yourself. It is important to determine the opportunities and conduct targeted advertising. Work with a specific contingent, do the work qualitatively and then the clients will show interest to you. Additional knowledge and skills are not needed, only diligence and attentiveness to detail. For the most simple work, you will need consumables and household chemicals. These costs will be about 5 thousand rubles. In the future, you can acquire additional tools (vacuum cleaner, for example) to increase the range of services. Today, people often use the services of cleaning companies, as they do not have time to clean themselves due to the workload. Such cleaners are also in demand in large organizations.

Here we have included services that can be provided without leaving home.

Services for animals

Approximate investments: from 20 thousand rubles.

This niche is very wide. Here you can include beauty salons, and shelters for a short time and sewing designer clothes for cats and dogs. For some, you will need professional skills (work experience in beauty salons or tailoring). You will also need funds to equip your workplace, purchase materials. The capital here will be needed on the order of several tens of thousands. Additional costs may be the cost of advertising. Initially, you can dispense ads on nearby houses.

Atelier for repair or tailoring

Approximate investments: from 50 thousand rubles.

You can treat this business as a home business and provide services at home. It is enough to have knowledge, work experience and necessary equipment. You can carry out business only in your area, pasting ads at the entrances of their services with their phone number. You can directly come to clients of your house and neighboring houses by yourself to the entrance and take away clothes for repairs and also return them back.

Soon all residents of the district will know about you and apply constantly. This way you will receive a large flow of orders.

Cooking courses

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

You can spend them right in your kitchen for a few people right away. It’s not necessary to be a cook, perhaps you yourself learned how to cook amazingly, do you have your secrets and are you ready to share them with others? Then this type of business is just for you! To work you will need kitchen appliances in the amount that they have enough for all participants of the master class. This includes pots, knives, spoons, forks, glasses, bowls, frying pans and so on. On average, you will need to allocate about 10 thousand from the budget for the purchase of appliances. It is important that everyone has enough space on the stove, so here it is necessary to conduct lessons for a maximum of 4 people or to have additional burners. For the preparation of food will need products.

Beauty saloon 

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

Today this type of business is gaining popularity. This includes manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, tattooing, eyelash extensions, training courses. For any of them you must have professional skills (passing training courses), experience will also be necessary to attract customers. Special equipment will also be needed. So, for a manicure you need a special lamp, saws, varnishes, gel-varnishes, tips.

The hairdresser will need a little more to spend on the purchase of appliances. This is a hair dryer, curling iron, scissors, combs, hair clips, varnishes, paints.

The permanent make-up artist (tattoo) also needs special equipment: a tattoo machine, a permanent tattoo manipulator, pigments, various needles and equipment for sterilizing instruments.

Master manicure can cost 10-15 thousand rubles, and a hairdresser and a tattoo master will need about 20-30 thousand rubles.

Applying to a beauty salon is costly, so more and more brides, on the eve of the wedding, turn to private make-up artists and stylists who have good potlofio. How to attract customers? The most common way, through social networks. There professionals create their own page, fill the album with their own works. In addition, it is very convenient to communicate with potential customers and always keep them up to date with your busy schedule.

Separately we will stop on шугаринге at home as it today has special popularity among ladies. Another name for this procedure is sugar hair removal. For such work, you will need to purchase a special couch, skin care products, professional spatulas, napkins and the like. It is important to have experience in this area of ​​business. You can promote yourself through social networks. The first customers can be found among friends. The average initial cost is about 20-25 thousand rubles.

Training courses. Having a decent experience in the field of beauty, you can safely offer services for training young professionals. This is a higher level of earnings. Of course, for this you will have to rent a room and prepare workplaces for students.


Approximate investments: from 1000 rubles.

This business is almost no cost. You will need only special elastic bands, a hairbrush and actually everything. Of course, your skills are needed. Be sure to learn new items, learn how to weave more and more types of braids. For this you can study video courses on the Internet and other materials. Great attention to the originality and quality of braids. The first customers can be found from the nearest environment, and then the reputation itself will work for you. Initial costs will be no more than several thousand rubles, which will pay off already in the first month of work.

Printing photobooks 

Approximate investments: from 100 thousand rubles.

For work you do not need skills or special knowledge, but you will have to pay out an impressive amount for the purchase of equipment. In the list of services you can include:

  • making a layout;
  • actual printing;
  • pruning and assembling books.

Part of the work can be done manually or make the production fully automated. For work you will need:

  • a special machine for the production of covers;
  • scoring;
  • rounder;
  • cutter;
  • A special assembly table and some other devices.

The total cost will be about 100-150 thousand rubles. They will not pay off immediately, which should be taken into account when choosing such a job.

Clothes for rent

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

This is a rather specific type of business, we have it not so developed as in the west. If your wardrobe is full of things, then you can really make money on this! In addition, and you will not have to spend money on anything. However, it is unlikely to make much money on this, but as an additional earnings it will be ideal.


Growing of various vegetables and fruits

Approximate investments: from 500 rubles.

This kind of work is seasonal. It can be used as an additional type of earnings. Especially it suits lovers of summer cottages. Many retirees are engaged in such a fishery. The competitive advantage is that you grow the products without using different nitrates. The main costs will be for the purchase of seeds and site development. In addition, you need tools for caring for plants (shovels, choppers, rakes, watering cans, etc.). If you are planning to sell products to stores, you will need to register your company and apply to Rospotrebnadzor for obtaining the necessary documentation (declarations, certificates, manuals and others). This includes the cultivation of flowers. If the scale of cultivation is impressive, you will need special equipment (tractors, combine harvesters), which is not cheap. 

Homemade jams and pickles 

Approximate investments: from 6000 rubles.

At the same time, it is better to use your own products. This at times will increase the profitability of production and income. It is most profitable to sell such products in the winter. Cooking at first you can in your own kitchen. To work, you will need products and supplies (cans, covers), as well as a sealing machine. On average, you will need about 6 thousand rubles to roll 60 cans, but then much will depend on their content. With the expansion of the scale of production will have to acquire a separate shop.

Livestock raising

Approximate investments: from 50 thousand rubles.

You will need a sufficient area for breeding animals. It’s best to do it outside the city. It is important to understand that such a business is very difficult. You will need a lot of strength, zeal, knowledge. In addition, immediately you will need to stock up on funds to buy food, pay veterinary services and other things. If you breed cats and dogs, you will have to pay a tidy sum for participating in exhibitions. The purchase of young animals will also require quite serious investments. We will not talk about a specific amount, because everything depends on what animals you want to breed. On some varieties we will dwell in detail.

Fisheries. Here, in addition to buying food, you will have to spend money on renting a pond. It is important to understand that this type of business is very complicated. This is due in large part to the fact that fish is a perishable product, therefore it is necessary to realize it immediately.

Rabbit breeding. Here, special attention should be paid to the construction of cells and canopies. There will be a need for different drinkers, feeders, storage space for provisions. In the official operation, registration of the farm will be required. You can enlist the support of the state, which will partially cover the initial costs.

Manufacture of fish food 

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

This type of business is considered very cost-effective not by accident. You will not need to keep fish. You just need to find a pond with live food. Tubers, cyclops and other species of fish can come here. You will have to buy a freezer to store the finished products, so that it is fit for as long as possible. You can find the recipes on the Internet, though it will also have to devote a lot of time to this. It is best to produce food for aquarium fish. Direct producers trust people more than industrial producers.

Own confectionery at home

Approximate investments: from 15 thousand rubles.

Work legally at home will not work, but you can try to trade from under the floor. This type of business is very profitable. It is important only to find your customers. At the same time you can choose what you will cook. To begin with, it’s better to stay on a small assortment and cook to order. Then, having obtained a portfolio, you can start making custom-made wedding cakes, birthday cakes and children’s parties. In addition, during the New Year holidays and on the eve of February 14 and March 8, gift sets from confectionery products (macaroons, muffins, capcas, moile, etc.) are very popular. For comfortable work you will need: mixer, blender, fryer, special forms, confectionery syringes. Everything else probably already exists in your kitchen (bowls, knives, etc.). As a whole, about 15-20 thousand will have to be spent on equipment. Perhaps all you need is already available.


Accessories and pet furniture

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

If we are talking about cats, then they usually buy special furniture and toys, and dogs also get clothes for walking. If you are engaged in tailoring, you will need a sewing machine, materials, threads, buttons and other accessories, like lightning, stickers, inserts, ruches.

If you have chosen for yourself the manufacture of furniture, then you will need fabric, foam rubber, plywood, possibly boards, special construction stapler, electric jigsaw. Probably need sticks, ropes.

You can get ideas for both classes on the Internet, from there you can take sketches. In addition, it is additionally possible to manufacture collars, elastic bands and other accessories for animals. Do not forget that animals are very fond of different toys.

The first copies should be made as exhibition materials. They will help you to advertise the services provided. It is best to create your own group in a social network and inform potential buyers about novelties in it. Later you will be already making individual orders, taking measurements.


Approximate investments: from 5 thousand rubles.

This area includes a huge number of opportunities. This is the creation of postcards, decorations, candles, flower compositions, artistic modeling, making wedding accessories, decorating covers for documents, handmade cards. We will focus on the most popular types of handmade today:

Handmade soap. Such a business is considered highly profitable and quickly payback. In Russia, this soap is often given to relatives and friends on different holidays. Therefore, when choosing a gift, special attention is paid to appearance. The demand for household soap each year only increases. Do not think that this business is so simple. You will need to buy the necessary equipment. This is a special form, and essence for making soap, and various ingredients (aromatic oils, dyes, snacks), decor elements (here you can include shells, sequins, coffee beans and much more), beautiful packaging (bags, ribbons). Pay off all this can on average for 4-5 months.

Aromatic bombs for the bath. It is very important to study the technology of production. It is important to test bombs repeatedly before selling them to customers. Remember that this work requires patience and time. Ingredients for manufacturing can be different, here you need to learn recipes that can be found on the Internet. In general, business is like making soap. The only difference will be only the target audience. Such bombs are most often bought for children. First, it is better to master one type of product, and then already use several production recipes at once.

Decorations made of polymer clay. This kind of handmade is also popular today. Find something interesting and unusual in stores is very difficult. In addition, these women of fashion always want to have something exclusive. What do you need? Fantasy for creating unusual masterpieces and skillful hands. Here the ability to draw will be an additional plus. For work you will need to purchase:

  • special surfaces on which you will sculpt the products;
  • Blades and knives of different size and thickness;
  • sandpaper;
  • needles and needles;
  • glue;
  • extruder (with the help of it extruded polymer clay) and nozzles for it.

Today, many different accessories can be made from polymer clay. These are pendants, beads, rings, earrings, key chains, even frames for photos and figurines.

In addition to polymer clay, various decor elements and bases (for fasteners and brooches, for example) will be required.

Wedding accessories .On the eve of the wedding, all brides are looking for where to buy original wedding accessories. Of course, all this today can be found in the store. But the most popular accessories are made by individual order, in the color of the wedding day. It can be wine glasses, bottles, lockers, suitcases, boxes for rings, bonbonniere, etc. How to implement? Their goods can be exhibited in wedding salons, in online stores, wedding exhibitions. In addition, you can negotiate with several wedding decorators, they already have a reputation and the clients they will bring to you. The most popular is the implementation of wedding products through social networks. For work you have to purchase all kinds of materials for decoration: wine glasses, decorative material, glue, colored cardboard, ribbons, etc.

Making candles

Approximate investments: from 7000 rubles.

This is not a simple, but quite profitable business. You should immediately think about the details of the work. It is better to work in the garage, there will just be enough space for the installation of a special machine and storage of finished products. Indoors, there must be ventilation and extraction, so that the temperature is low, otherwise the candles may melt. Be sure to take care and that the room was clean, especially if your candles are used to decorate cakes, pastries. The average cost is about 7-10 thousand rubles. This amount includes the cost of consumables for the first batch. Do not forget to include special forms in expenses. To work you do not need helpers. You can do this in your free time. The maximum profit you will receive during the general holidays.

Sweet bouquets

Approximate investments: from 10 thousand rubles.

We are talking about bouquets made from chocolates. The presence of education is not necessary here, but talent will be necessary. All bouquets you will do manually, so you must have a sense of style, understand the compatibility of colors and their shades. All work should be beautiful and elegant. You can invent songs yourself or draw inspiration from the Internet, especially since there are plenty of master classes on this topic today. For work you do not need large investments, on the contrary. You will need:

  • paper;
  • the cloth;
  • tapes;
  • Scotch;
  • wire;
  • sticks;
  • glue;
  • various ornaments;
  • baskets;
  • candies.

These costs will cost several thousand rubles.

Bean-bags with their own hands (bably)

Approximate investments: from 2000 rubles.

So they call soft armchairs. These interior items are now very popular. They are used not only at home, but also in offices. The cost of one such chair is about 6 thousand rubles, the cost of its production is about 1 thousand rubles. Profitability is 500%! You can make them right at home. And sales engage with the help of the Internet. You will need materials, scissors, a sewing machine, threads, needles and some other accessories for decoration.

Organization of joint purchases

We identified this type of business in a separate group not by accident. This kind of work will require organizational skills. The profit is based on the receipt of the organizational fee. The essence of such a business is to purchase goods at wholesale prices and then transfer it to end users. At the same time, products are purchased much cheaper than in regular stores.

For work it will be necessary to register on a special site and become an organizer of joint purchases. Further it is necessary to be defined with a field of activity, to find the supplier and to be engaged in search of buyers.

Organizational fees usually amount to about 15% of the order amount. At the same time, you need to understand that out of this amount you will have to deduct transportation costs for delivery and collection to the owner of the resource. In the end, you will receive about 10%.

No special skills are required here, but the desire to work and activity will be needed. Such work is now preferred by mothers who are in the decree. Expenditures are not here, but the income is about 20-25 thousand rubles. Although, everything here is individual and depends on your enthusiasm. This type of income can be additional earnings or basic, it all depends on your desire and ability to attract a client!


In conclusion, I want to ask you to supplement the list with your ideas, if they exist! Write your ideas in the comments, and I’ll add them to the article. Thus, we will collect the largest and most current collection of ideas about business at home.

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