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Stacking and repairing a roof as a business – how to start, a business plan

A reliable roof over your head is the guarantee of a good mood for all household members. There are many roofing options. One of them was a soft roof, which is becoming more popular. The installation of a soft roof can even be carried out by someone who has never held a screwdriver, a spanner or other tool.

Such a roof is supplied in the form of plates that are tightly packed in boxes. One side of these plates is made in the form of colored stone crumbs, and the other side is covered with a film that protects from external factors and a semi-hardened bitumen solution. Such plates are very easy to use and not heavy.

Types of soft roof

The following types of soft roofs exist: flat membrane roofing, soft (flexible) tiles and Katepal. About everything in order.

A flat membrane roof is created on the conveyor in the form of membranes caught on polymers. At present, membrane roofing is immeasurably strong and very durable material, when compared with other types of roofing. However, it is worth noting that such a roof is more expensive than a coating containing bitumen. Such a roof is used mainly for large roofs. It can be sports complexes, shopping centers, workshops, etc.

Bitumen-polymer substances are used in the roll soft roof. Such a roof is laid by melting with gas-air or fuel-liquid burners. Such material can easily “live” to 25 years and more. Such a roof can be stacked in one or a couple of layers.

But a really great demand is soft tile, which is also called as “flexible”. It has many advantages, for example, it is durable, not heavy, it has a lot of different colors, it comes in a great variety of shapes and, among other things, it attracts with its aesthetics. It is also important to arrange a roof of soft tiles. Such shingles are supplied in small sheets. On the edges of each sheet are special. cutouts, they can be in the form of a wave, a triangle, a rectangle, and so on. Inside such a tile is felt (or fiberglass). Such components apply themselves as armatures – fasten layers of bitumen.

We also draw attention to the interesting fact that since 1949, roof installers have preferred the soft roof of Katepal. Such material is used for the roof pitched. When using this type of roof, the slope should not be more than 11.3 °. The soft roof of Katepal has an interesting and unique system. It self-adhesive, with the adhesive layer going solid, the seams overlap, and the nails hiding completely, while creating a very tight seal at the gluing.

Finally, a soft roll roof, which is executed from the direct dependence of the slope of the proper rays, in such layers: if the slope is 15% – two layers must be used; slope 5-15% – 3 layers are needed; slope 0-5% – 4 layers.

Roof laying

If you talk about the technology of laying a soft roof, there is nothing complicated: to make the laying of a soft roof you need to remove the old covering and dismantle the roof covering to the rafters themselves.

After all this, the installation of a soft roof is made by packing on them (rafters) of horizontal boards, and from above it is necessary to put sheets of plywood or to use DSP. After the above preparations, the roof is ready to be covered with soft tiles.

The coating is made using simple nails or an industrial stapler, it is necessary to overlap the edges of the plates on the edges of each other. With such an overlay, the best option is to post from the bottom edge of the roof to the ridge. It must also be remembered that it is necessary to remove the protective film, which is located on the lower layer of the shingles. After that, bitumen will enter into an “alliance” with other plates. Thanks to this, the laid roof will be a single monolith that does not let through either moisture or dust.

The main aspects of the activity

– it is necessary to thoroughly study this market
– to know all the subtleties on laying the roof
– this field of activity is not too competitive, so you can easily earn good money
– so that they know about you, you need to distribute advertising (internet, newspapers, business cards, etc.)
– to be a master of your craft
– for large volumes of work, .

Estimated costs

Featuring itelnoy feature of the roofing business is the lack of production facilities. All work is carried out on the road. However, this does not save the entrepreneur from the need to rent a small warehouse in which the roofing materials and equipment will be stored. The area of ​​the premises should be about 12 sq.m. Rent of such a warehouse will cost no more than 5,000 rubles per month.
When selecting equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of roof that will be laid and subsequently repaired. For example, hard roofing - metal roofing - requires completely different equipment compared to laying a soft roof. Accordingly, full coverage of the market requires significant capital investment. However, the most demanded at the moment is the soft roof. For its installation and repair it is required:

    • - gas burner - 10 000 rubles;
    • - industrial hair dryer - 10 000 rubles;
    • - puncher - 10 000 rubles;
    • - drill - 6 000 rubles;
    • - screwdriver - 4,000 rubles;
    • - set of knives and tools - 10,000 rubles;
    • - pressing roller - 3,000 rubles;
    • - hook for rolling coils - 2,000 rubles;
    - protective clothing, climbing equipment - 20 000 rubles.

Total, the equipment will cost about 75 000 rubles.

Alone to lay the roof uncomfortable, the work performed is of poor quality. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about hiring an assistant. It is desirable that the latter had experience in roofing work. The employee's salary will be about 20,000 rubles a month.

Consumables for laying soft roofs are membrane rolls, soft tiles or Katepal. Also when laying, gas is consumed (for the burner). The cost of 1 square meter of coverage is about 150 rubles. The market price of 1 square meter is 400 rubles and more. Accordingly, with the laying of every square meter of the roof, the entrepreneur extracts a gross profit of 250 rubles. To achieve break-even monthly it is necessary to lay at least 100 square meters of roofing. In fact, when fully loaded, a team of 2 workers can lay about 400 square meters of roofing per month, which will bring profit of 75,000 rubles.


The cost of repairing soft roof for such works reaches $ 50 maximum for 1 sq. m. m. According to calculations, to lay 1 meter of the roof, it takes about 45 minutes. You can safely put forward a decision that if a novice entrepreneur decides to lay a roof to clients, he will receive a very high and stable income.

In addition to laying the roof, it is worthwhile thinking about such services as roof repairs. Thus, you will expand the circle of potential customers.

Having competently studied all the nuances, types of roofing, as well as price offers on them, we can say that the competition for such areas of work is not so great. If you competently approach this case, and you will constantly update your knowledge in this subject, then you can earn excellent money on mounting the roof, only a competent approach is important.

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