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Water heater installation business – how to start, business plan

Installing water heaters or, in other words, boilers does not require complicated equipment and expensive tools. Therefore, you can start this business without significant investment. The key to success in it is technical literacy, conscientiousness and the experience of employees. Another determining factor is the marketing policy, which should ensure the receipt of orders. If the entrepreneur himself is a good specialist, then at the initial stage of business development, he often does the installation himself. This can continue until he can earn enough money to hire additional staff.

installing a water heater

If the beginner's plans do not include the installation of a water heater with his own hands, first of all he will need hire specialists. The cost of their salaries, overalls and tools necessary to connect to the water supply and electricity network, in total, will amount to the necessary investment. But in any case, an entrepreneur should, at a minimum, have an idea about the technical aspects of his business.

Types of water heaters. Gas and electric boilers

The water heaters differ in the type of heating elements and in the manner of water supply.

According to the source of heating, they are divided into the following types:

  • electric,
  • gas,
  • working on solid fuels. [19659010] There are also other types, for example, powered by solar panels, but they are rare.

    Electric water heaters operate from an electrical network. After the water temperature rises to the set value, the water heater keeps it at the set level. The temperature is adjusted by means of a thermostat. Boilers of this type are divided into single-phase and three-phase, differing from each other by the magnitude of the operating voltage.

    water heaters

    Single-phase water heaters are installed to supply hot water in an apartment or house when it is required relatively little, for example, for kitchen and bathroom.

    A three-phase water heater is usually installed in cases where it is necessary to heat large volumes of water. Since residential buildings are not often connected to a three-phase network of 380 volts, a step-down transformer is used to connect these boilers.

    Important! Before connecting a three-phase water heater, it is necessary to check the internal wiring for its technical characteristics.

    Gas heaters. In devices of this type, water is heated by burning natural gas. As well as electrical devices, they can differ significantly in the amount of energy consumed. Low-capacity boilers are installed in the apartment, usually in the kitchen or in the bathroom. In the same place where more hot water is required, more powerful heaters are installed.

    water heaters gas

    Water heaters with solid fuel. The principle of their operation practically does not differ in any way from the principle of operation of gas heaters, with the only difference being that solid gas is used instead of gas.

    Flow-through boilers

    According to the water supply method, two types of water heaters are distinguished:

    1. Flow-through.
    2. Accumulation.

    Flow-through heaters that connect directly to the water pipe are most conveniently used to supply hot water to the bathroom and kitchen, since the water in them heats up almost instantly. However, the possibilities of this type of devices are limited by the relatively small volume of heated water, since their normal operation requires a strong head pressure. This leads to the fact that, for example, the inclusion of a tap in the bathroom leads to a lack of it in the kitchen. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to connect two heaters to the water supply and electricity network, separately for the kitchen and the bathroom.

    When using higher-capacity flow models, you often have to rewire the wiring in the apartment so that it can withstand the power consumption. In addition, it may be necessary to replace the electricity meter, since not all models can withstand a load of 8-12 kW. The advantage of these models is the compactness and simplicity of maintenance, but their price is greater than the storage heaters.

    Storage boilers

    Models of this type are connected to the water pipe not directly, but through a storage tank in which water is heated. Therefore, it takes a certain amount of time to reach the desired temperature. In order for the device to last for a long time, it needs constant care and preventive inspections in order to timely replace the heating elements and prevent the formation of corrosion inside the storage tank. Gas boilers of this type are divided according to the type of combustion chamber, which can be open or closed. The closed chamber can work without forced air injection.

    Accumulation boilers

    There are two types of storage water heaters:

    1. Closed pressure headers used when an apartment needs to provide several hot spots with hot water. Therefore, they are often installed for the kitchen and bathroom.
    2. Open non-pressure water heaters are able to provide only one point. But their work is not hampered by interruptions in water supply, because for some time it is possible to use water from a storage tank.

    For installation in an apartment, an electric water heater with a storage tank heated by an electric fan is most often used. The water heater is a kind of storage boiler. It is used in cases where the house is not connected to the water supply. The storage tank is filled with water from an external source.

    Indirect heating boilers

    Devices of this type are not directly connected to the electrical network or gas pipeline. Heating of water in them occurs due to the heat generated by the boiler. A feature of their design is the presence of two circuits designed for circulation of the coolant. In this case, the first circuit - heating, it receives the coolant from the hot water boiler. In this case, both water and antifreeze can act as a coolant. The second circuit is connected to a water pipe, cold water enters it, which heats up here to the required temperature.

    Boilers of indirect heating

    Such a boiler construction makes it possible to receive hot water in large volumes. At the same time, it is optimally distributed to several points, with a bathroom and a kitchen inclusive. At the same time, if the installation of a flow-through water heater, when it comes to the most popular models, which differ in simplicity of design, can be produced independently by a person who does not possess technical knowledge, then the connection of an indirect heating boiler must necessarily be made by a qualified specialist. In this case, installing the water heater with your own hands can lead to serious damage and injuries.

    Since indirect heating boilers are very often used in private houses with autonomous heating, and taking into account the fact that the installation of a boiler by its own hands is extremely undesirable, working with models of this type can bring a considerable profit to the entrepreneur. Due to the fact that the cost of their installation is stably high, and the number of potential customers is large enough.

    Connection diagrams for indirect heating water heaters

    This type of boiler can be installed in several versions. The most common of these are the following:

    1. Scheme with a servo and three-way valve
    2. Scheme using two pumps
    3. Scheme with a hydraulic arrow.

    The connection scheme of an indirect heating boiler with a servo and three-way valve can be activated , both for the floor and for the wall-mounted storage boiler. When the water heater is connected according to this scheme, after the water temperature falls through the water pipe, the thermostat of the water heater is activated. As a result, the heating medium begins to circulate along the boiler circuit until the water warms up to the desired temperature, after which the valve operates in the reverse direction and the coolant is redirected to the heating circuit.

    Wiring scheme

    This boiler installation allows to obtain an almost unlimited supply hot water. In addition, it is used when connecting to a water pipe with increased water hardness, in order to protect it from the impact of the circuit with hot water.

    Connection scheme for a boiler using two pumps implies switching off the main heating circuit pump when the temperature is lowered, while simultaneously turning on the water heater pump. As a result, the coolant flow is redirected to the boiler. For use in this scheme, it is advisable to choose a boiler whose automation allows you to connect a thermostat signal to it, to automatically turn the pumps on and off. In addition, in order to protect the circuit from disturbances in the circulation of the coolant, it is desirable to install check valves. This connection scheme is often used when hot water is required at several points of consumption, and not only in the bathroom and the kitchen.

    Connection using a hydraulic arrow is made in systems consisting of at least three heating circuits. Most often this is the boiler circuit, the contour of the warm floors, and also the radiator heating circuit. In order to reduce the heating time of water, the entire capacity of the boiler must be directed to the heating circuit of the boiler. This is achieved by automatically shutting down the pumps of other circuits, for which a temperature switch in the water heater can be used.

    Estimated costs

    Installing water heaters is one of the few businesses that can barely require investment. However, this directly affects its profitability: a low entry threshold and low qualification of the employee creates an excess supply in the market, and this significantly reduces the cost of the service and, as a result, the profit to be earned.

    The highest item of expenditure will be the purchase of the vehicle in the case his absence. The need for its presence is caused by the size and weight of the water heaters. Their movement by themselves or through public transport is not possible. Hence the minimum cost of buying a car is 100 thousand rubles.

    Next, in any case, you need to purchase tools: a perforator, a screwdriver, a soldering iron for pipes, a hand tool (keys, screwdrivers, hammers), measuring instruments. In total, this will require about 40 thousand rubles.

    Consumables in this business will be only fasteners - dowels, anchor bolts, as well as couplings, valves, plastic pipes if necessary. Each installation requires consumables for 100-200 rubles.
    The cost of installing water heaters is about 1 thousand rubles less consumables. Accordingly, in the absence of other costs, this amount is a profit. When installing 1-3 water heaters per day, a month can be used to profit from 20 to 60 thousand rubles, which will pay for the business in less than six months.


    There is no doubt that the business of installing water heaters can be very

    how to install a water heater

    But in order to achieve this, you need to follow a few simple rules:

    • In order to withstand competition, at the initial stage of activity the entrepreneur should strive to ensure that the cost of what the customer pays for the work would be less than the cost that competitors offer for similar services. Once a strong reputation is won, the cost of work can be increased. Customers, being confident in the quality of work, will calmly react to a certain price increase.
    • An entrepreneur must have a clear idea of ​​the preferences of potential customers on whom an advertising campaign should be targeted. In order to obtain the necessary information, it is not necessary to conduct in-depth marketing research, since it is not difficult to find a person with the necessary information among the hired specialists.
    • For an optimal recruitment of specialists and the acquisition of the necessary tools and equipment, the entrepreneur also needs to understand which types of heaters the most in demand. This is necessary in order to concentrate their efforts and resources on the most promising direction.
    • Selection of technically competent employees and raising their qualifications should be the subject of constant concern for the businessman. The presence of highly qualified specialists will significantly expand the front of work due to complex orders. The high cost of their services is more than compensated by the increase in the price for the order.

    Installing a water heater by own hands

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