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What is dropshipping: the scheme of work, where to find suppliers and how to make money from scratch

Hello. Today, let’s talk about dropshipping, what it is and how to make money on it. Also I will give several suppliers in China who work on dropshipping and talk about how to sell goods through the dropshipping online store system.


What is Dropshipping?

We already wrote articles on how to earn money and earnings on the Internet without investment . And dropshipping just refers to these types of earnings.

In fact, there is nothing complicated, but beginners can not immediately understand everything. I’ll try to explain in detail.

Dropshipping Dropshipping is ) – it is direct delivery from the supplier to the buyer. In this case, you act as an intermediary, find buyers, send the order to the supplier, and the supplier immediately to your buyer on your behalf. Thus, you do not purchase the goods yourself, but simply send the order to the supplier. The supplier can be a wholesale company or even the manufacturer itself. The supplier receives the amount of money equal to the wholesale price of the goods, you receive a difference from the wholesale price and the one for which you sold the goods to your buyer.

Everything is as indicated in the diagram:

Example of sales by Dropshipping system

Now I’ll tell you all this with an example.

You want to start selling products on the Internet, for example, clothes. But you do not have the money to buy a lot of goods to your warehouse or you just do not want to risk buying goods. You come to the rescue Dropshipping.

The scheme in 6 simple steps:

You find a supplier working on dropshipping and see his catalog with prices and photos. You study the conditions and everything suits you. Prices from suppliers are wholesale, so you can charge decent amounts from above. Here’s an article on how to do a surcharge .

2. Next, you make an online store or a single-page site or a group in social networks (for example, in Vkontakte or Classmates) and place there the goods selected from the supplier, BUT put the prices more expensive (higher than the wholesale price at which the goods are at the supplier).

3. After filling the store or group, you start advertising and you have buyers who pay for the goods.

4. You make the order of the purchased or selected goods from the supplierand make out the delivery immediately to your buyer’s address. The supplier you pay for the goods at the wholesale price, which is specified by the supplier. And you leave a surcharge for yourself, which you did.

5. The supplier packages and sends the order to your customer.

6. As a result, the customer receives the purchased goods, the supplier receives money from the wholesale price, and you receive money from the difference in price. All in the black!

I hope that now explained in detail. We move on.

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Advantages and disadvantages of work on Dropshipping


  1. You-can start with little or no investment, because you do not need to buy goods;
  2. You_can test a niche for many products and after tests choose for yourself the best selling;
  3. You will well have non-sold goods, because you do not buy them;
  4. You do not bother with the delivery, because the delivery is incurred by the supplier;
  5. The suppliers already have a catalog of products and you do not need to search for what to sell. You just choose the goods from the catalog.


  1. You can not control the shipment of goods and the delivery time. If the supplier is wrong, the customer will call and write to you as a seller;
  2. You can not evaluate the quality of the goods, because you do not have it on hand;
  3. You can not control the balances of the goods in the warehouse, because you have not one supplier and the goods are sold quickly.

Where to look for goods in Dropshipping and what is the advantage to sell

Where to look?

Goods for dropshipping can be found only from suppliers who sell dropshipping or to find a wholesaler or a manufacturer and agree individually with him to work on dropshipping. And you and those on the Internet. Also, suppliers can be not only in Russia or Ukraine, but in China. I will discuss this below.

Some dropshipping companies I’ll give you below, but the second option with manufacturers or wholesalers on individual terms already need to work out personally for you. Not everyone can agree, but nevertheless, according to my colleagues and friends, such firms meet and I have a living example.

What is it profitable to sell?

In fact, anything. To begin with, you need to determine the demand . You can also just watch the suppliers’ catalogs for dropshipping and choose. Such companies usually buy trend products, which are in good demand.

But I still give you a list of products and categories:

  • Clothing, footwear (male and female);
  • Children’s products (toys, clothes, shoes, strollers, etc.);
  • Accessories (bags, backpacks, watches, wallets, etc.)
  • Gyroscope;
  • Linens;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Phones, smartphones, iphone, tablets and other gadgets, especially the Apple brand;
  • Electronic cigarettes and paper;
  • Sports goods (clothes, simulators, inventory);
  • Sports nutrition;
  • Furniture and interior items;
  • Vehicle spare parts;
  • Electronics;
  • etc.

In the rest, rely only on your taste and the catalog of goods of companies for Dropshipping.

Companies and suppliers of Dropshipping for CIS countries

IMPORTANTImmediately I will say that this is not advertising and we are responsible for the suppliers listed below. Work or not work with them – it’s up to you. These companies are on hearing, working wholesale and retail for a long time and have positive reviews, so we placed them.


Website of the company . A platform that allows you not only to sell goods through the dropshipping system, but also provides ready-to-use online stores or single pages so you can start selling immediately. With ready-made solutions in the form of sites you need to figure it out, but the company’s website has a lot of instructions for beginners. Work with countries: CIS, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Maybe more with some, but I found the information only on this list of countries.

Dropshipping with Aliexpress

Aliexpress – the largest and most well-known site of Chinese goods. With it, you can also start working on dropshipping. To do this, you need to register and send the goods directly to the client, specify his address. The advantages are that it is a good platform with a huge assortment of goods. Minus only in a long delivery to your customer. The site already has an article on how to buy on Aliexpress .

How to open an online store for Dropshipping

How to open an online store for dropshipping

There are several options!

Do an online store yourself or order from a specialist. The store will be on one of the CMS (site management system or engine).

  • The downside is that we need special knowledge and it’s very difficult for a newcomer to make an online store.
  • Plus, it’s easier to promote the site of the online store in the search engines

I will not describe the step-by-step process, because there are many detailed articles in the section on how to open an online store  and how to create an online store .

We make an online store on the website constructor. You can make yourself even a beginner. The process is quite simple.

  • The downside is that designers are harder to promote sites in the search engines and you will have a template site.
  • Plus in the speed of creation, you can do it yourself.

Of the site designers I can advise Nethouse. About him, I wrote in an article on how to create a website for free .

And in either case, you need to make a website, fill it with goods and start advertising. In the above links there is a lot of information about how the site should be, how to do it, etc. When orders or payments arrive, you will process them through the above providers according to their conditions.

Sale of goods by Dropshipping through on-site sites

You can sell not only through full-fledged online stores, but also through one-page sites (landing page). Dropshipping from one-page cards is very common, because you choose a trend product, you make a one-page site for it, advertise and sell it.

The plus of this scheme is that you have one product and one-site site is just for sale of this product without the opportunity to go to other pages of the site and “turn off the road.”

For example , my good friend Roman Kolesnikov sells goods from single-page cards for more than 200,000 rubles of net profit per month!

You can make a one-page website yourself on designers , order a landing page from specialists or freelancers.

Social Networking

This option also has a place to be. You can create a group or public on social networks in Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki and sell goods by dropshipping there. The scheme is the same as on sale from sites, but orders will not be sent to the basket, but you can access private messages and accept payment outside the social network.

  • The downside is that it is less convenient on the payment side than selling through sites.
  • The pros is that there are many audiences in social networks and it’s easier to attract. And also for creating a group or public there is no need for special knowledge.

I even have an article on how to open an online store in Vkontakte . She can help you.

Some useful recommendations

  1. First, choose a dropshipping supplier for yourself. Study the goods and working conditions with the supplier. When you understand the conditions and the scheme of work with the supplier 100%, then you can start working.
  2. Try to check the supplier with your own order. Buy a product at your address or address and check the delivery time, packing and compliance with all agreed conditions.
  3. Use only effective advertising on the Internet , but at first you can use free advertising on the Internet . With proven advertising methods, you can test your business model faster and more efficiently.
  4. Try a little. Do not swallow a lot of money at once. Gradually analyze your actions and you will come to profit.
  5. Try to pay attention to those goods that interest you, because you are more likely to sell them.
  6. Analyze the competition, because in some products it is so high that a beginner with small money will find it hard to get through.
  7. In addition to dropshipping, you can also earn money on affiliate programs .


Now you know what Dropshipping is, how to make money on it and make a business. And even know some suppliers. It remains only to go deep into the study of this topic and try. And even more so, this business can start without investments.

Thank you for attention! I await your comments!

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